Trump and Hillary Talk Policy in Last Faceoff


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By Alex Diamond and Lindsey Diamond

On October 19th, 2016, the last Presidential Debate occurred. This debate was extremely important, because it was the last chance either of the candidates would get to prove they could be president. The moderator, Chris Wallace, chose the topics and questions for the debate. The main eight topics in chronological order were the Supreme Court and the Second Amendment, abortion, immigration, Wikileaks, the economy, debt and entitlements, fitness to be president, ISIS/Syria/Iraq, and the debt/Social Security/Medicare.

As debate moderator, Wallace tried to get Trump and Hillary focused on the important issues. He allowed them time for an informative discussion, but was quick to redirect them when they were getting too out of line. He also made sure that the audience understood the importance of the debates.

Trump elaborated on his policy platforms and used his time to present his image of a lawful, conservative society. Some policy planks that he brought up were his support of the second amendment, more trade produced within the U.S., and allowing the states to decide whether abortion should be legalized. Trump also talked about having a stronger foreign policy, and blamed Clinton for conceding to enemy countries while Secretary of State. He also denied that the sexual abuse incidents happened, saying he didn’t know the women making the accusations. Wallace pointed out Trump’s economic plan would add about 5 trillion to the national debt that is already 20 trillion. Trump responded, saying that he would create “tremendous jobs.” Trump made controversy after saying he wasn’t sure if he would accept the results of the election.

Clinton stayed relaxed and used the time to promote her standard of equality and government regulation. She stated that abortion should be legal, guns should be regulated, and that people should not be allowed to financially contribute to the electoral system. Clinton also said she would increase jobs by investing in people. Wallace did not hold back on asking Clinton to explain her leaked speech by WikiLeaks, where she said she dreamed of open trade and open borders. When asked about that quote, Clinton exclaimed she was strictly talking about energy. Clinton’s economic plan would also increase the national debt, but Clinton assured everyone that she would not add a penny to the debt.

To end the debate, Wallace asked the two candidates to offer their final statements. Clinton started by reaching out to Democrats, Republicans, and independents. She said that everyone should help the country get better together. She said that she would stand against corporations, help people get good jobs, and help kids get good education. Donald Trump used his time talking about his plan to replenish the depleted military. He also stated he would do more for the African Americans and the Latinos than Clinton would ever manage. His whole campaign is to “Make America Great Again.” The debate provided a clear focus on the candidates policy attributes which people had been looking for in the past.

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