Should Shakespeare Be Taught?

By Jonathan Ionescu

“Look thou be true; do not give dalliance. Too much the rein: the strongest oaths are straw. To fire i’ the blood: be more abstemious, or else good night your vow!”

What in the world did I just read? What does it even mean?
If you have not guessed, that is a quote from Shakespeare, The Tempest. Shakespeare is an author that is often forced upon most students throughout their high school career. However, he is not the only author that teachers feel students HAVE to read. I am sure if I asked any student who Harper Lee, Kurt Vonnegut, or Mark Twain is, they would know. Many students can say it is pointless and they hate it. Here’s what I think.

Should Shakespeare be taught? Yes. I believe it should be taught only once. It should not be taught as much as it is now. Most students have to learn about Shakespeare multiple times. We learn up to 3-4 plays, and at that point, it gets boring for the students sake. For me, I do not really mind it. Sometimes, learning about it is enjoyable. People think that Shakespeare has no use, but I believe that his work is a reflection on historical literature, and gives us insight of how people wrote in the past.

However, I have to admit, it gets boring fast. Instead of learning about the same play over and over, let us learn about new modern literature. Is this world not becoming more advanced? Technology advances daily, many do not even realize it. Maybe the reason adults aren’t able to use technology is because they’re too focused in the past. I was told by a teacher that if you work in the field of electronics, computers, and such, you must get used to change. Not just technological change, the world change.

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