NASA, Exploring the World Outside of The Average Sight

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By Paige Mathieu

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, otherwise known as NASA, sent the spacecrafts Cygnus and the Soyuz to the International Space Station on Monday and Wednesday. Cygnus is a constellation in the Northern sky that is from many different Greek Myths. The constellation is supposed to appear like a swan in the sky, and is the sixteenth largest constellation. The Soyuz, however, is just the name for a spacecraft that allows astronauts to go to the space station, and leave return to Earth. For safety purposes, one of these spacecrafts must to remain that the space station at all times.  

Cargo weighing 5,100 pounds worth of cargo rode in Cygnus. The astronauts, Sergey Ryzhikov, Shane Kimbrough, and Andrey Borisenko rode in a second spacecraft named the Soyuz. The first spacecraft left on Monday at 7:45 p.m., and the second left on Wednesday at 4:05 a.m.. Each craft took a two day journey through space to reach the station.  

The cargo in Cygnus includes many supplies for new scientific studies that the astronauts will test during their stay, as well as two new technology systems to be used in the station. Light Effects is a program that dims the light in the station based by the time of day, which will allow the astronauts to have a better sleep schedule. The program EveryWear, will allow astronauts to better track their personal data. This program, if the app passes the trials, could help with the well-being of people on Earth. In one month, the Cygnus will leave the space station carrying around 3,000 pounds of trash. It will use a destructive reentry to Earth, destroying all of the trash from the space station.  

NASA also has plans for future. They are hoping to send men to Mars and explore other planets such as Jupiter. Next time someone looks up at the night sky with curiosity, they can remember that scientific discoveries are being made everywhere, not just not Earth.

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