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A Trip Through Time


By Paige Mathieu 

On November 16th, students who are currently enrolled in American Cultures 1 and AP US History traveled back in time to the July of 1863.  Students were able to learn about the battle of Gettysburg.  Instead of reading a textbook however, they were able to travel to Gettysburg to explore the site of the battle.

After spending two hours on a bus, students were given their first view of Gettysburg through a video and cyclorama oil painting.  This allowed the students to learn about the history of the battle and how it occurred before they began their tour of the battlefield.  When they boarded the bus again, a tour guide was waiting to explain the battle in more depth.

On the tour, the guide stated that Gettysburg is home to the Civil War’s bloodiest battle, with over 51,000 casualties.  July 1, 1863 was the first of a three day battle. Soldiers wore wool clothing on the 85 degree weather day.   Today, the field looked as it had in 1863, which allowed students to picture the war as if they had been near the battlefield on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of 1863.

 While exploring the battlefield, students were able to look at the scenery from ground level, as well as from a height.  A large tower, as well as the height of Little Round Top, a mountain where one of the battles occurred, allowed students to see the whole battlefield, as if it was a map laid out in front of them.  They also looked at cannons and memorials that were placed throughout the field.

When students returned home at the end of the long day, they were accompanied by many beautiful pictures, new knowledge on the Civil War, and memories of a day that they will not forget.  Each student had a unique experience that allowed them to view the war in a different way.   Although the bus ride was long, students were able to picture the Civil War clearly and had an enjoyable time doing so.

Thanksgiving Food

By Jocelyn Donaldson

Somehow Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means most families ate like crazy. The age old saying of gaining five pounds is probably true, especially with all the delicious food that people make to celebrate with. So what are some of the common foods people ate on this particular holiday?

Starting off with the main course. Every home is different, but most decide to serve some type of meat. The most common meat being turkey, but some serve chicken, roast beef, pork, salmon, duck and even lasagna to name a few.

Now onto my favorite foods, sides! If you couldn’t tell, I myself am a vegetarian and a picky one at that, so I know my sides well. Linked throughout the article are some recipes that you may want to try yourself. First up is stuffing. My family actually bought some special stuffing for the turkey, but had alternatives for people who weren’t too keen on turkey (AKA ME). Some type of potato product is necessary on the dinner table. Mashed potatoes are a classic you really can’t go wrong with unless you’re a really bad cook. My brother falls under this category, who actually caught his spoon on fire while making mashed potatoes. Maybe just have dinner catered if you’re that incompetent. No offense. Plus potatoes are so versatile. You can serve them in so many ways. Sweet potatoes topped with melted marshmallow is definitely a crowd pleaser. Cheesy scalloped potatoes, and baked potatoes are also perfect individual servings. One potato per person and you’re good to go. Potatoes au gratin are also delicious. I could go on and on, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who could talk about potatoes for days, so i’ll just move on to the next side: Green bean casserole. Not a fan, but that’s just my pickiness talking. Most seem to love it. Yams, cranberry sauce, corn, mac and cheese, squash, and rolls are also some pretty common side dishes that are delicious.

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone this year, next year make sure to look up some recipes for each dish, find a good one, and try it out. Just make sure to have a backup plan if you aren’t completely confident in it turning out well. For those of us that have been shunned from the kitchen and aren’t allowed to return, well at least we’ll still get to enjoy the food right?

Freedom in Salisbury

By Jonathan Ionescu

Changes are made to our school every year. This year, backpacks were finally allowed to be carried throughout the day, which I am quite thankful for. I want to appreciate what we have at the moment. I am glad we have privileges that other schools do not allow, such as phone use in school. We can also listen to music, which we must attribute to the fact that Salisbury is not as strict as other schools. However, I believe a few things should be changed pertaining to our freedom.

Sure, we have a study hall, but most of the time we have nothing to do. We sit there and listen to music for 40 minutes. I think this should be changed up a little bit. Introducing more falcon period events could be a good idea, or perhaps clubs could meet during this time. I also believe that we should not have to be locked in a room during study hall like a prisoner. Study hall should be used as time to get things done, or to relax. What a better way to relax if we could have more freedom by going our own way. Do colleges have restrictions to track where you go? Not at all. Going our own paths show our independence and define who we are. I even believe that we should be permitted to leave the building during this study hall break. However, you would need to sign out in the office.

It sounds like a good idea. Although, there are some cons. Those can be solved however. If this happens, everyone would be leaving school or roaming the hallways. It can get pretty chaotic. Just an idea, perhaps this can be a privilege for only some groups of people. Maybe students with grades above “so and so”. Or students apart of a certain club. Maybe everyone should get the privilege. I am not really up to that.

It would just be really nice to have a teacher off your back from watching you for once. I’d like to have my own life and not be monitored. Some teachers I know let us walk out of their class without saying anything. They allow us and trust us students. I think authorities need to begin to trust us. If a problem occurs, that can easily be solved with some form of punishment. Pretty simple. This is just my rough idea of what could be a possibility.

Actually, probably not.

Movie Review

By Jocelyn Donaldson

Movies. Around an hour and a half of pure entertainment. Something often sought after as a cure for the constant problem of boredom. Theaters always have an abundance of different types of movies and almost anyone can find at least one they enjoy. Here are some of the movies that are currently in theaters and why you should go see them.

First up is an adventure/fantasy movies. One amazing movie you have to see was actually adapted from a book. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is about a boy who discovers that the bedtime stories his grandfather told him were true. He makes some strange new friends who he must save from danger. This movie was directed by Tim Burton, so you know it has to be at least slightly creepy. However, nothing too scary happens. I actually went to see this movie when it first came out, which says something because I don’t do horror whatsoever. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and left me surprised in a good way. I definitely recommend anyone to see this movie. Another fantasy movie that was actually recommended by a friend for me to see is Doctor Strange. It’s pretty self explanatory. He’s a doctor. His last name is strange. Doctor Strange turns out to be a sorcerer who is the only one who can save the world from danger.

Moving on! My favorite type of movie ever is action. Jack Reacher:Never Go Back is the perfect blend of comedy and action. Jack Reacher is a sarcastic, witty investigator who shells out lessons while fighting some crime. The first movie was amazing and I’m sure this sequel will be just as great. The Account isn’t really an action movie, but it is a crime film, which to me is close enough. The movie is about a brilliant accountant who freelances for the worst criminals out there. A good action movie is the perfect cure for boredom.

Last but not least, I have to bring in a comedy. Boo! A Madea Halloween is definitely the movie to see. Every single one of Madea’s movies is hilarious and I’m sure this one isn’t any different. Madea’s newest movie is about a group of teens trying to get revenge on Madea for crashing their Halloween party.

Well, I hope this helps. Maybe look up some trailers and see if they’re your cup of tea. Going to see one of these movies may be the perfect thing to do this weekend if you get bored.


By Taylar Velten

It’s that time of the year again, Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time of the year where families and friends come together to give thanks for everything that they have. Everyone gathers around the table, eats great food, and spends time together. Many people are excited to have a break from school, have huge dinners, and be with their families. Let’s see how some Salisbury students feel about Thanksgiving quickly approaching.

Junior Jonathan Roth said he is very “hyped” for Thanksgiving. “I love going to my nana’s, because I don’t see her often. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving has to be the food. My mom makes a perfect golden-brown turkey, stuffing, and even cranberry sauce. Hopefully I also get to spend some time with my girl over the long break.” When students were asked their favorite foods Brianna Belzner said, “My favorite thing that I have at Thanksgiving has to be the asparagus. The only time I get it is at Thanksgiving, because that’s the only time I see my aunt and she brings it every year.”

This year, Salisbury receives a total of 3 days off, with a half day on Wednesday. Students aren’t really thrilled with the 5 day break including the weekend. They wanted a longer break, but Christmas break is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is Brooke Rogers favorite holiday. Not only does she get to spend it with her family, but with her friends. A new trend that has been going on this year is “friendsgiving”. Brooke celebrated her friendsgiving on Thursday the week before thanksgiving. Everyone brought their favorite meal and a whole bunch of her friends came together to celebrate what they are thankful for.

What is everyone thankful for this thanksgiving? “I’m thankful for being fortunate enough to enjoy little things in life. That I am privileged and blessed enough that I don’t have to worry about hunger or shelter or any major health issues, so that I can enjoy my life and all that comes with it,” said Deziree Correa. “I am thankful that my brothers can come home for the holidays and I get to catch up with them,” said Meghan Fainor. Mackenzie Sikora said she is thankful for her friends. Kailyn Fox said she is thankful for having food and having money. Lastly Trinity Sobers said, “I am thankful for the people i’ve met and memories. The amount of light that radiates off of myself and others that choose a life of love and happiness is truly extraordinary; I am eternally grateful for that.”

“Love Story” Album Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

Love Story is an album released by rapper ‘Yelawolf’ on April 21st 2015. It is his most recent and most passionate album, says Yelawolf. Love Story has 18 songs and to me that is surprisingly a lot. I am going to give a review of the album and my thoughts on the Alabama rapper.

I will be very forward and say that I did enjoy the album. Yelawolf uses a strange diversity in his music. When his music is presented to a new person, they might be confused. Many of his songs are rap, with a country twist to it. Many of his songs are just full on raps featuring famous artists. You can even find songs from him that are sweet soothing love songs.

Yelawolf has a great voice. His music is fascinating and you can get a quick grip on it. Metacritic gave a review on his album, ‘Love Story’. It received a 64 out of 100 based on 10 reviews. Miranda J. part of XXL (American hip-hop magazine) had some words on the album. “In tune with his southern roots on Love Story…there’s a sense of self awareness and confidence that seems to have been missing before…He’s fully aware of who exactly he wants to be in hip-hop: a proud, raw, unapologetically Southern MC, something the game’s been missing”.

I can completely agree on Miranda J.’s opinion. Yelawolf has so much pride when it comes to his music, his southern roots, and the people that surround him. His music is a very deep listening experience. The use of intricate instruments being heard change the tone of the track. Much of his music uses a violin and a steel-string guitar. On top of that is a fast pace drum track to give it a hip-hop twist.

A negative review was given on the album. Jay Balfour from Pitchfork magazine gave a summary on it. “Love Story is far too long to accomplish so little…it’s draining…Yelawolf sounds like he’s just going through the motions instead of actually covering ground”.

I disagree with his opinion, and that’s not just because I like the album and the artist. He notes that he is going through the motions. Note that he is not mentioning the actual sound of the song. He is getting deeper into Yelawolf’s purpose/meaning. Isn’t his album supposed to be about what he’s feeling? Not what other people want? “Instead of covering ground”, what kind of ground? He covered his ground. He poured out his emotions, his thoughts, and feelings. He made his point. I don’t know what Balfour is talking about, but the name for Pitchfork Magazine is quite suiting for him.

Let’s hear a more positive review from a fellow student. He is a frequent listener of Yelawolf. I am fortunate enough to have a student from Salisbury, Zackary Reinhart’s thoughts on Yelawolf’s album, ‘Love Story’. “I think Love Story is one of Yelawolf’s greatest albums. His album contains hip-hop, rap, country, jazz and the blues all in one album. It only has one feature, which is Eminem, who is known as the “Rap God”. My favorite song from his album is “Best Friend”, which is the song Eminem is featured on. In this song, Yelawolf talks about his life like how his mother beat him, how he cannot love another woman because of that, and the mistakes he made. He mentions that he does not know much about the Bible, but is a religious person. In the hook, he claims that ‘God is his best friend’”.

Zack really went into Yelawolf’s perspective and tackled those emotions. I can say his opinion is very respectable. Yelawolf has been around for a long time and I await his next album. I’m thinking it’s going to be even better.

Salisbury Leads Their Team to Victory

By Nathan Rolls

Salisbury’s first debate took place on October 27, 2016. It occurred at Catasauqua High School, and concluded with Salisbury winning undefeated. Salisbury has 3 teams that participate in debate, and those are the A, B, and C teams. Other schools will have more or less teams depending on how large or how small the teams were. Debate teams, normally, consist of two speakers: one questioner and one rebuttalist. Speaker and rebuttal speeches must be between four minutes and forty-five seconds, while questioning occurs for two minutes and thirty seconds.

Salisbury left Catasauqua High School with a perfect 8-0; 8 debates were won, and 0 were lost. Salisbury’s main competition in the league is Pennridge High School, which is where the second round of debates was held. Pennridge also had a perfect 8-0. After Pennridge, Wilson followed up in third with 6-2; Kutztown followed in fourth with 4-4; Northwestern managed a 3-5; Saucon Valley came after with 2-6; Northern Lehigh trailed shortly behind that with 1-7; and Catasauqua managed to end the debate that was held at their school with a 0-8.

As of right now, all that is known about the second debate is Salisbury and Pennridge are still tied for top place. Salisbury lost a debate yesterday, and so did Pennridge. Both scores are now 15-1. Other schools performances are not available at this time, however it is known that Salisbury and Pennridge are still tied for top place. Historically, it has been a battle between Salisbury and Pennridge to take home the debate trophy.

Of course, the whole point of being on Salisbury’s debate team is, “The ride up to the top of the mountain. The harder the ride up to the top, the better the view will be of everything else below,” said Mr. Barna, Salisbury’s debate coach who does an absolutely terrific job of teaching and leading his team through victory.

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