By Jocelyn Donaldson

Snapchat. Everyone uses it, but why? What’s the purpose of snapchat? It was originally created as a way for people to interact more, but still be comfortable. This was made possible by the short-lived, self-deleting photos. Now, Snapchat has evolved into a larger app with its private messaging, stories, and more. However, the most well known feature it now has is its crazy filters. Everyone seems to either love them, hate them, or not understand them. Celebrities use them. Spoofs have been made mocking the filters in the most hilarious ways, quizzes on favorite filters are all over the internet, but the question still remains: why of all the interest? What makes these filters on Snapchat so popular?

I want to know how the makers of the app decided on some of these filters because seriously, some are just ridiculous. The dog and cat I get. The pineapple? Not so much. Most will agree that some of the filters are way too out there. In fact, some filters were so unpopular in the public’s eye that they had to be taken down. In August, there was one that people actually claimed was racist. The “yellowface” filter had to be taken down because of all the controversy surrounding it. Filters have also shown considerable problems. There have been many problems after the app is updated in which the filters won’t load. Recently, there have been complaints about how the app will only allow people to access one of the filters.

Sadly, the reason Snapchat was created also seems to have backfired a little. Some take the idea of the idea of the pictures being short-lived too seriously. They don’t think about the consequences of what they post because they believe it will just disappear and won’t be able to affect them. There was a case where a girl at a college actually got in trouble for posting something racist on her snapchat. She didn’t realize that her friend had posted the video and now she has to face the consequences.

Overall, Snapchat still has some positive aspects. The creators were right that snapchat does keep people connected and interacting. The funny filters make things more interesting and have people acting goofy. Being able to send photos or videos to one another is more than just a simple text or phone call. Just remember if you use Snapchat, be aware of what you post.

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