Salisbury Shows Their Spirit

By Paige Mathieu

Friday, October 7th was the day that students began one of many homecoming activities. With the hopes of winning the football game that evening, students attended the pep-rally with much excitement during falcon period. Each grade was able to show their school spirit through decorations, cheering, and the man dance.  

Students decorated each grade’s bleacher section of the gym with a different theme.  The fishy freshman had blue fabric, balloons, and paper fish. Sophomore s’mores had a camping feel, complete with a river, campfire, a tree, and stars. Their section of the gym appeared to be straight out of the forest. Both the juniors’ and seniors’ decorations were a play off of board games. Junior land used the children’s game, Candy Land, as inspiration. Their theme was depicted through posters that were made out of paper to appear like the striped candy in the game. The seniors created Monopoly 2017. Not only did they have the Monopoly man, but also a jail, dice, money, and the board game squares that surrounded the perimeter of the section.  


Every grade participated in the man dance. Disappointingly, the faculty opted out of the man dance this year with the promise to participate the following year. The three judges, Miss DosSantos, Mrs. Kennedy, and Miss Schiavone judged the event as fairly as possible. The seniors, juniors, and sophomores had all choreographed their dances days in advance. When the freshman were announced as not having a dance, one of the freshman rose to the occasion, with one of his signature dance moves, the worm. Although each grade put their best foot forward, the seniors won with their mashup of multiple hit songs, jail themed costumes to match their Monopoly 2017 decorations, and their choreography, which matched the song lyrics.

Like in the previous pep-rally, the final event was the cheering. Each grade had to cheer as loudly as possible in order to win the event.

The pep-rally was a success, as many students enjoyed the event.  The seniors left the event with a clean-sweep, winning all of the events. Students left the pep-rally feeling peppy and ready for their exciting weekend full of homecoming events.


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