Salisbury’s Hat Policy

By Jonathan Ionescu

Whenever a new regulation is established, it is questioned. Sometimes authorities listen, but when it comes to something as simple as headgear, it is not allowed. Students raise questions and ask why hats, caps, and bandanas not allowed? Let’s dive into opinions and facts.

I am a student at Salisbury High School. It is against the dress code to wear a hat. “The way you dress can affect your attitude, performance and behavior, as well as that of others” the Salisbury handbook states. This statement can be up for much debate. The only thing that can affect your behavior or others is apparel that is hateful. Anything rude, discriminating, racist, or involving drugs can affect someone.

It’s not like hats are a hazard. Backpacks were banned and now they are allowed. Backpacks can be more of a hazard but they let that one slide. In reality, how is wearing a hat affecting anyone? Certainly, I cannot be the only one who thinks this. Let me contact a student from Salisbury High School, Austin Hawley.

“I personally believe schools should allow students to wear hats during school hours. To some people it’s a part of their fashion. To others they just really enjoy wearing them, and taking away their ability to express themselves through an accessory such as a hat is pointless, especially if there are no valid reasons as to why they are prohibited. I would wear a hat in the school if they were allowed.” says Austin.

I strongly agree with Austin’s belief.

And you know what? Even though they are not allowed, I still wear them to school. I take the risk of getting yelled at or being written up. I love hats so much that I’m willing to face the consequences, whatever they may be. Hats are great when you are having a bad hair day, or can be the perfect accessory to complete that new outfit you just bought. As for other hats, like cowboy hats, I don’t know about that. I don’t really wear them.
Hats are a great piece of fashion. I pop a hat on quick when I go out. I wear them at home when I am lounging, out hanging with friends, or going on a walk. They express who I am!  

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