School Technology versus Paper

By Jonathan Ionescu

There is much controversy when it comes to technology use in school. Students in our school will frequently be asked to fill out a survey regarding technology. Our system has evolved so much that we rarely use paper. As students, we have adapted to the use of laptops. Most of the things we do are on our laptops. School learning has evolved greatly ever since the introduction of laptops. These are my experiences.

It all started when I was in fifth grade. Laptops were introduced to us and it was amazing to use such an expensive computer. The next year we were allowed to take them home. It was like Christmas to us at the time. Now for the past few years I haven’t even touched my laptop at home. I only use it for recording my synthesizer. There is not much use for me with the laptop outside of school, especially when I already have my own personal computer. However, I can see where other students are coming from when they say that their computers are useful.

Many argue that typing notes rather than writing is worse. This is a problem I have also faced, because I have a hard time studying with typed notes. When I write, I feel it is ingrained to my brain. It’s sort of like writing a song. I remember all the lyrics like the back of my hand when I write, but not when I type it.

An article from talks about two professors, (one from UCLA and the other from Princeton) beginning a study of students learning from typing versus students learning from writing. They tested their own students with several experiments. It was clear that half of the students who wrote had less words than the ones who typed, but ended up with stronger conceptual understanding.

I strongly believe that students should reconsider the use of laptops. Laptops are great, but they are a blockage of information for some students. We all learn differently, whether the student is an auditory learner or a visual learner.

Maybe this is why I had trouble in my American Cultures II class.
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