Candidate Clinton’s Profile


By Lindsey Diamond, Alex Diamond, and Nathan Rolls

Hillary Clinton has more political experience than Donald Trump, being the Secretary of State for four years, a U.S. Senator for eight years, and a total of over 30 years of political experience, but she still has notable moments in her life other than those two careers. Clinton attended Wellesley College, where she was senior class president. She graduated in 1969 and started attending Yale Law School, where she met Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton graduated from Yale in 1973 with honors.

Hillary and Bill Clinton moved to Arkansas. While Bill went into politics, becoming the Attorney General and Governor soon after, Hillary Clinton became a lawyer and was appointed by Bill Clinton to head many committees at a state level. She also was on many corporate boards for a time, including as the first female board member of Wal-Mart.

Bill Clinton was inaugurated in 1993 as President, and Hillary Clinton went with him as First Lady. Throughout her time as First Lady, she promoted a broad social system that involved community members helping out each other and an unpassed healthcare program that bore similarities to Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The worst time in Clinton’s life was in 1998, when it was revealed that her husband Bill cheated on her with Monica Lewinsky and about nine other women in other past instances. After some consideration, she decided to stay with him.

Clinton started her political career by winning the election for Senator of New York in 2000. She was the first first lady to hold public office. She was reelected in 2006 with a large share of the vote. Clinton’s first run for President was in 2008. While she was the frontrunner early on, she was unexpectedly beat by Barack Obama after a close primary race. After winning the election, Obama appointed Clinton to be U.S. Secretary of State in 2009. While she was overwhelmingly popular at first, scandals such as her handling of the Benghazi consulate attacks and having a private email server have caused her reception to become mixed overall. People who felt she did a good job point to her coalition-building skills and emphasizing human rights as a priority for the Department of State.

After resigning from her position, Clinton used her connections to prepare for a run in the 2016 presidential election. In the interim, she published a book called “Hard Choices.” She officially declared her candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for president on April 12, 2015, and won the primary against Bernie Sanders after significant support from larger metropolitan areas and southern states. According to NBC News, Clinton holds an 11 point national lead over Trump in this year’s election.

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