By Taylar Velten

Homecoming is a tradition at Salisbury High School where everyone comes together, dances, and of course, has fun. It will take place on October 8th 2016, after all of our festivities leading up to it, including door decorating, the homecoming football game, spirit week, and the pep rally. This year’s homecoming court consists of Holly Bruns, Kyra Bruns, Marisol Rosario, Paige Nicholas, and Sierra Mamay for the girls. Agostino D’Ancona, James Hadinger, Mason Groff, Anthony Strong, Eric Frankenfield are the male candidates.

Most of the people on the homecoming court didn’t expect to be on it, but were very enthusiastic. One of the candidates, Agostino D’Ancona, had expectations of being on court. “Of course I was gonna be on it, I play football. I think that this is one of my greatest accomplishments, and it’s definitely going on my college application” he said. Marisol Rosario said “It’s an awesome feeling knowing that the student body picked me to be represented for this year’s homecoming court.” Similarly, Kyra Bruns said she was also excited to be picked. “It’s also fun and exciting to be on it with a bunch of other great girls and guys.”

The homecoming king and queen will share a special dance together after their win. The partners this year are Holly and James, Paige and Anthony, Sierra and Mason, Agostino and Kyra, lastly Marisol and Eric. They will all be announced and walk out together during our homecoming football game.

Everyone is hopeful that their homecoming experience will be one for the books. James Hadinger said, “The atmosphere of homecoming weekend including the parade, football game, and dance will be a lot of fun. I know I will enjoy the times with close friends.” Eric Frankenfield said that he will be able to look back on this forever and maybe tell his kids someday. The class of 2017 is excited to finally have their senior homecoming and to enjoy their time before graduating.

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