Salisbury Boy’s Soccer VS. NDGP

By Alex Diamond

The Salisbury Falcons boys soccer team beat the Notre Dame Crusaders 2-0, with all goals being in the second half after a scoreless first half. James Hadinger, a varsity senior starter who plays for the Falcons, was instrumental in the win by scoring both of the goals. Hadinger says that the game was close at first due to Notre Dame’s aggressiveness and the team chemistry of the Falcons. “Both teams had a high intensity. Our side created numerous opportunities that we couldn’t bury in the back of the net.”

In the second half of the game, the Falcons managed to organize better as a team which caused them to be able to score the first goal. “It was a team goal and that’s what matters, everybody coming together to make a difference in the game.” Hadinger also scored the second goal, which made him excited as it made the win much more likely so the team would stay undefeated for the season. He has scored multiple goals in many prior games and plans to do so in the future.

Hadinger was overjoyed that the team won and highlighted the contributions from all of his teammates, including goalie Tyler Keller. “A Notre Dame player struck a ball from about 20 yards out and to this day, I have never seen such an amazing save. Not only did the save impact the game, but Keller was able to retrieve the ball and start the play that would ultimately cause the 2nd goal.” Hadinger feels that the margin of the win could of been higher, but that the team can improve from how they played in the game. “There’s no doubt in my mind that we will strive for larger margins in the future from different games.”

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