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Young Drivers and New Licenses

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Student Parking Lot

By Nathan Rolls

One of the best things that can happen to a high school student is when they are given a driver’s license after successfully passing a driver’s skill test. This test given is fairly simple. Drivers are instructed to drive on a few roads with an instructor in the passenger seat, and obey all traffic rules. Stopping completely for 3 seconds at stop signs, stopping behind the white line at intersections, and being able to successfully parallel park. This is especially nerve racking for a teen who is about to get their license. Before testing for your license, you must obtain a learner’s permit in the state of Pennsylvania.

To obtain a learner’s permit, you must complete a 15 question written exam to show that you know the rules of the road. These questions are incredibly simple, and cover all of the laws of the road. From road signs, to what you should do when you start hydroplaning, this test assesses the knowledge of Pennsylvania’s future drivers. For obvious reasons, vision tests are performed before the permit is given to the learning driver. Before someone can get their license, they must have enough experience behind the wheel in all different conditions. In the state of Pennsylvania, eligible drivers need 65 hours of road experience. This includes 10 hours of night driving, and 5 hours of driving in bad weather. There are a few restrictions, however. One of these restrictions is that you need a parent/guardian who is over the age of 21 with you in the car at all times, or a spouse who is at least 18 years old.

When a learning driver is ready to take their test, they must schedule it on the PennDOT website, where they are given a list of times and dates to choose from. Anyone familiar with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) knows that this is a lengthy process. “I had to schedule my test 4 months in advance,” said one student. Four months is a long time to be backed up. Once the test is scheduled, you must wait until your date arrives. Once it does, you have to show up to the DMV your test was scheduled at. In the Lehigh County, there are multiple driver’s license centers. The closest ones are Allentown and Easton. Often times, drivers will pick the DMV with the shortest wait. The DMV understands that in the real world, you will occasionally hit the curb, so you are allowed to hit the curb on the parallel parking portion of the test. However, you may not go over the curb, which must be pretty difficult, because the curb is a solid 6 inches of concrete.

Once you pass your test, you get a temporary license. This license, as its name suggests, will only serve as your license for a couple of days until your new, official license will arrives in the mail. This process generally takes within 15 days of receiving your temporary license. Many students say that the best part of their license is no longer being confined to their parents’ or friends’ plans. Also, they have stated that they enjoy being able to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, as it eliminates the issue of getting up early to catch a bus in the morning. At Salisbury High School, students have many options for parking. They can park in the student parking lot once they obtain a parking pass, or they can park on any of the streets surrounding the school. For information on parking passes, visit the office or send an email to your guidance counselor.


iPhone 7

By Jonathan Ionescu

Any new product that is released on the market is open for opinions, criticism, and judgement. With the new release of the iPhone 7, there will always be hard-to-fend off critics. However, it is fun to point out the flaws of technology.

Perhaps one of the biggest flaws is the bend test. It was noted that the iPhone 6S Plus bended very easily. If you were to have it in your backpocket, it molds into the shape as if you were sitting on it. I myself, have an iPhone 6S Plus, and have never noticed any bending, however, that may be due to a case on my phone. Does the iPhone 7 bend? An article from titled “Relif! iPhone 7 doesn’t bend” debunked this myth, showing that it stands firm to bend tests.

Austin Hawley, a Salisbury senior gave their opinion on the newest addition to the iPhone family. “I am indifferent when it comes to my opinion on the iPhone 7” said Austin. “Some of the features seem great like the splash resistance, dual-lens camera, design etc., but there are also features that I feel limit my ability to use the phone with ease like the infamous change of removing the headphone jack.”

The iPhone 7S Plus comes in at a $769. The previous 6S Plus model came down $100 cheaper. As the newer models come out, the product gets more expensive. However, many are curious as to why the price has increased by this large of a margin. This is due to the new features the iPhone 7 has to offer, including splash and water resistance. The phone can survive in water 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Impressive. A popular Youtuber named TechRax,  with millions of subscribers destroys phones for a living, and decided to put this resistance to the ultimate test. He froze an iPhone 7 in a block of frozen Coca-cola. After 24 hours he smashed it open and the phone was still on, functioning perfectly. The battery however, was significantly drained.

You can imagine how strong the build of the iPhone is. Despite the price, they keep getting more sturdy, better functions, and design.

Well done Apple!

Homecoming Gym Decorating 2016

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Class of 2017 wins the 2015-16 gym decorating.

By Sydney Faustner and Briana Snyder

The annual gym decorating for each graduating class is back. Gym decorating is a competitive and important event that takes place at the homecoming pep rally. On October 8, 2016, each grade will be responsible for decorating a corner of the gym, trying to outshine one another. Each class is competing for the Falcon Cup, a trophy given out by the guidance counselor to the class with the most school spirit. During last year’s gym decorating, the Class of 2017 won. They are now in second place after losing to the Class of 2018 in the scream off. Because this is a school event, there are many rules and regulations that must be followed during the decorating process. One of the most important rules to remember is to use only the designated area you are given. You must also include everyone’s name who participated in decorating.

Mrs. Wilson, the class of 2017 senior advisor, decided that the theme for this year is “monopoly”. “We have wanted to do this since our freshman year and have been looking forward to it” she stated. They are ahead of schedule, which is a bonus when it comes to planning. Planning is notorious for being a challenge. To counter this challenge, classes have assigned individual teams to tackle certain tasks. Mrs. Wilson understands that competition might come from the Class of 2018, but she knows for a fact that “this year is going to be awesome.”

Mrs. Nogueira is in charge of the Class of 2019 and is in her second year of being an advisor. This year, their theme is “s’mores/camping.” Their class picks by having advisory members create a list of ideas. Everyone contributes to brainstorming. Then we talk about which ones are real possibilities. This year seemed like the best year to do the s’more (play on the word soph-o-more) idea, and that’s what ended up winning out. The 2016-2017 school year shows great potential for improvement of the class of 2019. Mrs.Nogueira concluded with “because the theme had already been chosen by the class of 2019, they have an advantage”.

Salisbury Boy’s Soccer VS. NDGP

By Alex Diamond

The Salisbury Falcons boys soccer team beat the Notre Dame Crusaders 2-0, with all goals being in the second half after a scoreless first half. James Hadinger, a varsity senior starter who plays for the Falcons, was instrumental in the win by scoring both of the goals. Hadinger says that the game was close at first due to Notre Dame’s aggressiveness and the team chemistry of the Falcons. “Both teams had a high intensity. Our side created numerous opportunities that we couldn’t bury in the back of the net.”

In the second half of the game, the Falcons managed to organize better as a team which caused them to be able to score the first goal. “It was a team goal and that’s what matters, everybody coming together to make a difference in the game.” Hadinger also scored the second goal, which made him excited as it made the win much more likely so the team would stay undefeated for the season. He has scored multiple goals in many prior games and plans to do so in the future.

Hadinger was overjoyed that the team won and highlighted the contributions from all of his teammates, including goalie Tyler Keller. “A Notre Dame player struck a ball from about 20 yards out and to this day, I have never seen such an amazing save. Not only did the save impact the game, but Keller was able to retrieve the ball and start the play that would ultimately cause the 2nd goal.” Hadinger feels that the margin of the win could of been higher, but that the team can improve from how they played in the game. “There’s no doubt in my mind that we will strive for larger margins in the future from different games.”