No Place for Hate Distinction Renewed at SHS


By Kyra Bruns

No Place For Hate has been approved by the Anti-Defamation to be a club for another year here at Salisbury High School. In order to be an official No Place For Hate club, the club must complete three activities during the school year that gets the message out about bullying, diversity, etc. and invites the school to take part in these activities as well. This year, NPFH completed their three activities during the middle and end of the school year.

The first activity was a PSA by Olivia King and Jordan Kamp about “What would you say,” to your bully, and gave a message about anti-bullying here at Salisbury. They made a video, and it was shown to the entire school during a Falcon Period. The second activity was a t-shirt design contest. Anyone in the school could turn in a design that related to the mission of NPFH. The winner of the contest got to put their design on a t-shirt that was available for purchase by anyone in the school. Then, during every first Friday of each month after the shirts were distributed, Miss DosSantos asked everyone to wear them in support of NPFH. The third and final activity took place during lunch over a span of two days. NPFH members volunteered their time to paint NOH8 symbols on the cheeks of anyone who wished to have it painted on them. Then, pictures were taken, and hung in the display case in the library hallway.

All three activities were approved by the anti-defamation league, and because of this, Salisbury will receive their banner, certifying their membership of No Place For Hate. Next year, No Place For Hate will now have two advisors and two Falcon Period days on which they meet.

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