Clinton Clinches Nomination, Celebrates by Flipping Position On Presidential Run

By Andrew Fletcher

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to secure a nomination for President from one of the major parties. She held off a challenge from Bernie Sanders, and now must face off against Donald Trump. It’s been a long, grueling process and one would think that she would be elated to finally capture the nomination that she sought for so long.


The Clinton campaign issued a statement Tuesday morning, announcing Clinton’s stance on the presidential run. Clinton would like to “emphasize that this run really isn’t that important,” and she “doesn’t really want the job anyway.” This comes in a series of policy changes that have the American people wondering where she stands on anything.


Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, sat down with Anderson Cooper for an exclusive interview on Tuesday morning. They discussed Clinton’s plans, and the startling changes of the previous night. Mook explained that Clinton only hopes to “strengthen her pre existing image in the minds of the American people, by showing them she’s very flexible.”
Political strategists have been praising Clinton for her wavering stance on her own aspirations. While one nominee is running a campaign in which he repeatedly brags and asks for something he thinks is due to him because of his prior positions and “success,” the other will say she doesn’t want the job at all.

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