Prom Court 2016

By Kyra Bruns, Lindsay Bauer, & Caitlin Hoeing

Prom 2016 is being held this Saturday, May 14 at Lehigh University’s Iacocca Hall. Senior hour will be from 5-6pm, and then the dance and festivities are from 6-10pm.

Prom court consists of five girls and boys from the senior class. This year, the boys are  Matthew Fainor, Ryan Fainor, Joey Fainor, Chad Cooperman, and Dylan Belletiere. The girls are Abby Garrigan, Sophie Niesenbaum, Olivia King, Sarah Galantini, and Catherine Kenyon. Court is chosen by teachers, and the king and queen are chosen by the senior class.

The nominees are very honored and excited to be chosen to be on court. “I feel honored to be nominated for prom court and I am glad I get to be on it with such great people,” says Sophie. She says preparing for Prom can be “stressful at times,” but hopes that it will definitely be a night to remember. Sophie is partnered with Dylan Belletiere. Abby Garrigan says, “I feel like every girl dreams about being on prom court, but I never would have guessed I would actually be on Salisbury’s Prom Court.” Abby is partnered with Ryan Fainor on court. “I will hopefully look back on this as a night to remember.” Olivia King is partnered with Matthew Fainor on court. “Prom to me means getting all dressed up and having a lot of fun with my friends.” Olivia hopes to look back on this experience as a privilege and a fun high school experience. Chad Cooperman and Sarah Galantini are partners, as well as Catherine Kenyon and Joey Fainor.

This year’s prom consists of a very great group of people on court, and will definitely be a night to remember!

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