SADD Events

By Shane Wittman

SADD hosted events on the 11th and 12th this week to inform people about the consequences of drunk driving. The events that were held this week include Chalk the Block on May 11th and both the Grim Reaper and driving simulations on May 12th. Mrs. Wascura was in charge of the events taking place.

Chalk the Block is where SADD decorates the side walks with certain SADD themes. Examples would be “Don’t do drugs.”, “Don’t drink and drive.”, and “Make good choices.” SADD president Sophie Niesenbaum was involved in planning Chalk the Block. “This is used as a creative way to display what SADD is all about, and get the message out to all the students.“

The Grim Reaper is an event that serves as a reminder that drinking and driving can kill you or your friends. The students who participate in this event are taken from class in fifteen minute intervals by “the Grim Reaper” to get their face painted. When they return to class with their face painted, it symbolizes that someone has died in a crash due to poor decision making, drunk driving. The students that have their face painted are not allowed to talk for the rest of the day to show students that the person sitting next to you, or your best friend, could be killed by drunk driving.

Lastly, the driving simulation shows students what it is like to drive under the influence, and how dangerous it truly is.

Following these events, SADD President Sophie Niesenbaum recognizes the impact these events have on students at Salisbury High School. “I hope that these SADD events have a positive impact on the students so that they can avoid destructive decisions in their future.” Sophie also states that these three events were being held this week because prom is on Saturday, and she wants to make sure everyone stays safe. Because of her dedication to SADD, Sophie received a Students Against Destructive Decisions recognition award on May 9th, at the Hotel Bethlehem Awards Ceremony.  

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