Album Review: Views by Drake

By Matthew Jordan

An album similar to Take Care, Drake’s new album Views was released on April 29th, 2016. The album was highly anticipated to become a possible nominee for Album of the Year. However, some felt the album was overly hyped-up and it did not live up to their expectations. Here’s a short rundown of the album.

The album starts off with a song named “Keep the Family Close.” A very emotional song talking about the “what if’s” in life, it expresses the trust issue factor Drake had with his family, friends, and former girlfriend. He expresses how even though these individuals are judging him and trying to figure out what he is going through, they can’t even get their own lives together. He expresses these thoughts through the lyrics, “How you supposed to figure out what I’m going through / You can’t even figure out what’s going on with you / You judge me ‘fore you met me yeah it figures.” He further explains that when he needed help or advice with the troubles he was going through, these individuals never came through. All they wanted was the money he was making and once they received it, they were out of his life until they wanted more. He describes it as serving and feeding them as if he is working for minimum wage. This is told through the lyrics, “When I needed you, you couldn’t give me any advice / But you always had something to say every other time / Everybody that I met on the way tries to get in the way / I’m fooding and serving them all like I’m working for minimum wage / Someone up there must just love testing my patience.” This song was a perfect track to start out with since he shares a personal issue he had with a number of people he thought he trusted.

The next song I truly enjoyed was “Weston Road Flows.” The song is a complete throwback to Drake’s childhood in the area he grew up in, Weston Road. The area was and still is known as an area of poverty with little to no opportunities for the people living there. Drake describes the struggle he, his family, and his friends went through at the time. When they wanted to eat, they couldn’t because they were literally down to pennies. He states, “Back when we couldn’t buy pizza cause we were down to pennies / Feel like we go back a century, run in the store for Centuries.” He also describes how far he has come from that time of struggle and need. He sings, “Your best day is my worst day, I get green like Earth Day / You treat me like I’m born yesterday, you forgot my birthday / You don’t be scorin’ perfect, you don’t be workin’ like how we be workin.” He explains that no matter how hard you work, you will never get the same amount of money he is getting on his best day, along with not working as hard to receive the money you deserve.

Aside from the previously released songs such as “One Dance” and “Pop Style,” the last two songs that had great meaning to them were “Still Here” and “Fire and Desire.” “Still Here” is a song where Drake presents his accomplishments. He uses these accomplishments to make a statement in the music game that he has actually overcome obstacles on his rise to the top and he intends to stay that way. One example was when one of his closest friends turned his back on him. He states, “Oh, you just went and turned your back, dog I thought that we were family / You showed me that we can’t be I gotta talk to God even though he isn’t near me / Based on what I got it’s hard to think that he don’t hear me.” In the song “Fire and Desire,” Drake expresses the dedication he had to the one woman he loved, but she is already dedicated to another man. Speculation has been stirring that Drake is talking about Nicki Minaj, who is currently dating Drake’s rival, Meek Mill.

Overall, I was not as satisfied with this album as I thought I’d be. Aside from the songs I talked about above, the others were very repetitive with the same beat and same tone. The album wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as I expected. I give this album a three out of five on the Mat Jordan Fire Fuego Chart. 🔥🔥🔥

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