Teacher Appreciation Week

By Kyra Bruns

The week of May 2nd to May 6th was Teacher Appreciation Week. Here at Salisbury, administration held special events for three out of the five days for the teachers to show that their work is appreciated by the school district. Wednesday was dress down day for the staff, so they could feel more comfortable and have a break from their dress code. On Thursday, masseuses were present at the school and any staff member who signed up was able to get a massage during the time they signed up for. Administration also went around to the teachers and gave them travel cups as a token of their thanks for all they do for our school. To end the week, lunch was provided on Friday for the staff members, with wraps, chips, and drinks.

Teacher Appreciation Week happens once a year, but students can still show their gratitude to teachers everyday of the school year. “I think we show our appreciation everyday just by helping them out with little things and showing that we care about what they have a passion for,” says Caitlin Hoeing. “We can be respectful to them to show appreciation because a lot of students may forget that our teachers are people too.” Students can still do more in order to show their appreciation. Marisol Rosario said, “Students can first off work hard in that teacher’s class to show them that what they teach is important to the students. They can also be respectful and encourage other students, who act out, to also be respectful.” Showing appreciation for teachers doesn’t take much, and it’s noticed by teachers and appreciated by them as well.

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