Hope Phones Provides Value of Refurbished Phones for Medical Programs

By Alex Diamond

A Hope Phones fundraiser is being held at Salisbury High School, tentatively through June 3rd. Donations are also being taken at Salisbury Middle School and the elementary schools. This is for a charity called Medic Mobile, which specializes in the technological and mobile aspects of medicine. The software provided by Medic Mobile is used by medical workers in over 23 different countries.

The fundraiser works by putting boxes in teacher’s classes; teachers with these boxes include Mrs. Kennedy, Miss Brinson, Miss DosSantos, Mrs. Butterbaugh, and Mrs. Basile. Students can then donate their old and used phone to a box. Afterwards, the phones are refurbished and the value of those phones is given to Medic Mobile.

Sophomore Olivia Dragovits was instrumental in getting the fundraiser started. She wanted to help the medical community by raising money and found a good opportunity to do that within the goals of Hope Phones. “Miss Brinson remembered the Hope Phone drive when I was looking for fundraisers to hold and charities to support. After looking into it, I realized how easy and impactful it would be.” Miss Brinson was the first teacher to have a box and Olivia spread the word to other teachers from there.

Olivia is excited that a lot of phones are being donated. She’s hopeful that the fundraiser will provide at least 15-20 phones, but is glad just to make a difference. “I already have 10 and that number is growing.” Olivia is interested in expanding the fundraiser at some point. “I’d love to expand this to community a bit. If not this year, then next year.”

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