SHS Twirling Season Ends with Win at Wildwood

By Kelly Kucsan

This past weekend the Salisbury High School twirling squad had their final competition of the year in Wildwood, New Jersey. SHS is the only world team in Region Two. They received the Jennifer Joy Dilman award for most improved squad because they had the largest score increase in their region. Once again, the team was awarded with the title of TIA Atlantic Coast Champions.

Kalista Hadinger, a freshman on the squad, said that her favorite thing about twirling is the fact that it combines skills from multiple sports in one and you need to master many different skills to be successful in it. She stated that the squad has been doing a lot better than they did last year. Kalista said the most important thing that she learned from her coaches was to focus on what she did wrong and not blame others for her mistakes. Overall, she thinks the team needs to improve on their teamwork skills. “We kind of fought a lot because there was an age gap, but I still love my squad,” she said.  

Junior Alyson Godusky enjoys twirling because she likes being able to challenge herself and she loves performing. Since the twirlers didn’t have any seniors on their team this year, Alyson played that role already and she said it felt amazing to be the main focus of the show, which is why she is extremely excited for her senior year. Something she wishes to improve on is her flexibility. She said, “As a twirler being flexible and a good dancer is very important. If I could be more flexible I could execute more tricks, which would make me a better asset to my team.” Alyson stated that the best thing about going to Wildwood is getting to spend time with her teammates and watching other teams perform, since all of the regions are there.

Alyson’s coaches have taught her many different life lessons throughout her time on the team, but there are a few pieces of advice she has taken to heart. One that has really stuck with her was when Coach Rob told them that “average sucks.” He always pushes the team because he wants them to be better than average, on and off the floor. Also, he always tells them not to perform for him or anyone else but for themselves, because coaches, judges, and the audience will forget a poor performance, but you never will. “Overall, I can say Rob taught me to strive to be the best.” Her most memorable moment this season was when she got her four spin. Alyson is looking forward to improving her skills over the summer and begin next year’s shows.

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