Señora Buzdygon Retires

By Kyra Bruns

After teaching at Salisbury for about twenty-three years, Señora Buzdygon has made the decision to retire at the end of this school year. Señora did not formally announce it, but her decision was made known to Salisbury after her teaching position was posted online. “I didn’t announce it to my classes immediately, but a student brought it to my attention within the last two weeks.”

Señora decided to retire a year early in order to spend more time with her children, grandchildren, and help her mother after the passing of her father. “Family is important,” Señora emphasized. Her first thoughts of retirement occurred over winter break during this school year. She was given until April to make her final decision. “I didn’t want the department to struggle to find a new teacher,” which is why she turned in her letter of intent to retire during the middle of March. Señora hopes that the new teacher is, “younger who has new and exciting ways to teach language, and I hope that they keep the language program going here.”

After retirement, Señora plans to spend time with her family as much as possible. Señora will miss reading and writing Spanish, but plans to teach it to her grandchildren in the future, and read Spanish books and magazines, as well as watch movies and TV shows in Spanish. One of the plans Señora mentioned was to visit her son in Salem, Massachusetts during Halloween, as they have huge celebrations due to the rich history associated with the city. She plans on tending to her garden, reading, and watching her grandchildren grow up. She will enjoy the relaxation that comes with retirement, but will miss teaching at Salisbury.

Señora emphasized how her colleagues and students here at Salisbury will be missed along with teaching the students here. “I will miss having a purpose to try to teach language to students and making them interested in it. I will also miss my fellow colleagues.” Señora mentioned how she’ll miss the friendliness and respectfulness of the students here at Salisbury. “I want the study of languages to continue being an important part of the curriculum at Salisbury, because it is a very important lifelong skill to have.”

Here at Salisbury, we all wish Señora well in her future endeavours, and we will miss her greatly.

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