PA Election

By Joshua Gray

The Pennsylvania Presidential Primary election was held on April 28th, 2016. Prior to the polls opening , Donald Trump was supposed to win in the Republican Party, and Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the Democrat Party. When the polls closed, Donald Trump won drastically and Hillary Clinton won in a toss up against Bernie Sanders. In the Lehigh County, voters showed their support for Donald Trump. He earned 56.02% of the vote, Ted Cruz had 23.29% of the votes and lastly, John Kasich got 18.64% of the votes. In the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton owned 52.35% of the votes in  Lehigh County. It was a close win against Bernie Sanders, who had 47.10% of the votes. When the Philadelphia polls closed, again, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the victors. Donald Trump won over 57.44% of votes in Philadelphia. Hillary Clinton won drastically with 62.61% of Philadelphia and Bernie Sanders had a low 36.96%. Lastly, Erie elected Donald Trump with 52.14% of the vote and Hillary Clinton won of 52.18% of the vote over Bernie Sanders with 46.95%. As it turns out, Donald Trump won every county in Pennsylvania, and Hillary Clinton won the majority of the counties.

On May 3rd, the Indiana primary election is being held. On May 10th, West Virginia and Nebraska are holding elections. In late May, Oregeon (May 17th) and Washington (May 24th) are holding their primary elections as well.

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