SHS Debate Team has Final Debate of the Year

By Grant Hadian

This past week, the SHS debate team had their last debate of the year. The final debate was on whether or not community college should be free. Salisbury and Pennridge High School were the two teams that participated in this debate. Salisbury’s team argued that community college should be free and Pennridge’s team argued that it shouldn’t be.

Salisbury’s team for this debate was Carolyn Boulay, Kierra Burda, Ben Wiener, and Catherine Kenyon. This debate will be the last for three out of the four team members, who are seniors; Carolyn, Kierra, and Catherine. Kierra Burda said she really enjoyed participating in the final debate because the debate topic provokes various strong opinions. “I find it interesting to debate about something that is a real debate topic outside of the community.” Kierra said she will miss the debate coach, Mr. Barna, and all of the friends she made throughout the years the most. Even though this is her last year, she said this is the best year yet. “Being a senior, you get to know everyone better and help the younger debate members improve.”

Pennridge won the debate over Salisbury. Leandra Roelker, a junior at SHS, is another member on the debate team. She did not participate in the final debate, but was able to watch it. She said, “Watching the debate was a great experience.” She enjoyed that it was onstage for everyone to see because that is the only time you get to watch the other teams’ debates. Leandra’s favorite memory from debate so far is going out to breakfast before each debate. She plans to participate in debate next year.

For the upcoming freshman thinking about joining debate, Kierra advises you to join. “You won’t regret it. Not only is is a great experience; it also teaches you a lot of skills you can use throughout your life.”

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