SADD Field Trip

Photo Credit: Agostino D’Ancona  

By Shane Wittman

Members of Salisbury High School’s SADD club (Students Against Destructive Decisions) recently went on a field trip to the Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Mack Boulevard location and attended the Lehigh Valley DUI Highway Safety Task Force’s Youth Conference.

In addition to creating a safe driving public service announcement (PSA) video to enter the contest, our Salisbury students reported on their SADD projects and activities throughout the year and listened to a number of keynote speakers. AAA East Penn generously funded Salisbury’s admission to this conference.

Students who went on the trip include Sophie Niesenbaum, Jonah Niesenbaum, Marisol Rosario, Jess Safi, Leandra Roelker, Agostino D’Ancona, Kevin Esslinger, Amillion Black and Riley Peters. Junior Agostino D’Ancona was very excited to learn about highway safety. D’Ancona feels that drunk driving is extremely unsafe and was eager to hear an expert’s input about smart driving.“Drunk driving is a leading cause for car crashes and it’s very unsafe, thus why we are learning about it,” said D’Ancona.

D’Ancona and the crew also had the opportunity to talk with some inmates from our county jail… these men and women attended local high schools, and were generous enough to share their experiences regarding drugs and alcohol. SADD heard stories from people who already “made the mistake,” of drunk driving, which D’Ancona felt was one of the most eye opening experiences of the day. “It hits so close to home,” he said. The inmates taught Agostino that your friends have a huge influence on you, but most importantly, he learned that drunk driving is dangerous and lives can be lost in a flash.

Upcoming SADD events include the grim reaper event, in which students are pulled from their classes to have their faces painted, symbolizing the loss of a life due to drunk driving. Once painted, the students honor a vow of silence for the rest of the school day. The annual seat belt check is also taking place this month. Officer Nothstein and the Salisbury Police Department will be present in the student parking lot at the end of the day to ensure that our students are wearing their seat belts.


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