SHS Language Department Attends SMS Language Fair

By Grant Hadian

On Wednesday, April 20 the Salisbury Township Language Program hosted a Language Fair at Salisbury Middle School. SHS students and faculty from the language department went to the middle school to inform and talk to the 7th grade students. The older students showcased their projects and ran activities for the younger kids to give them an insight on what learning a language looks like in the district. The purpose of the fair is to give the 7th graders a chance to look at the pros and the cons of both languages offered at SHS (German and Spanish) and give them guidance for choosing a language.

There were about 20 students who participated in the fair. At the fair, there were stations the older students ran, language projects on display, and activities for the younger students to participate in. The 7th grade students walked around from station to station gaining information on the languages.

This is the 4th year of the Language Fair. One of the SHS Spanish teachers, Miss Dos Santos, said that the fair is very exciting, as she sees the high school students interact with younger students and teach them about languages. Frau Spradlin, the SHS German teacher, said she was excited to talk with students who enjoy language. Simon Katz, a German student who participated in the fair last year, said that his favorite memory is seeing the students come in and tour the stations and suddenly see that language isn’t as scary as everyone says it is. Miss Dos’s favorite memory is seeing and meeting the future of Salisbury. Frau Spradlin’s favorite memory is similar; she loves to remember the excited SMS students asking a million questions about language studies, as it makes her excited about the upcoming freshman classes.

The faculty hoped to get the younger student interested in learning another language and help them gather the information they need to make their 8th grade language choice easier. Miss Dos was most looking forward to watching and listening to the students and how much they have grown and absorbed in their years of language study. Frau Spradlin was most looking forward to the 2015 exchange students sharing their experience to the younger kids and she hopes that she can run more exchanges in the future.

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