2016 Spring Fashion Trends

By Claudia Crouthamel

Spring has sprung and it is time for the amazing, sleek new spring trends that have been hitting the New York runways and as well as the trendy streets of the big cities. This spring you should expect a lot of sophisticated, amazing trends that you should go out and buy to add to your spring wardrobe! The top four trends for this spring include bright fun colors, crochet garments, silky shirts and dresses, and the naked shoulder trend. Keep reading for more details on latest trends for the spring season!

The first trend of the season is bold, bright colors. Fashion colors change with the moods of the seasons. In the fall and winter, the colors of the clothes are fairly dark and neutral colors.  In spring, the sun is finally shining and the flowers are starting to bud, so colorful, fun colors are in. The colors that will be popular this season include greens, light blues, reds, and oranges. You can mix these fun colors in with both clothes and accessories. Start experimenting with colors to transition out the dark, wintery colors in your wardrobe.

The next big trend for the spring is crochet garments. This trend comes straight out of the 1970’s. What I love about this trend is the fact that you can wear crochet items very casually, and then easily transform the outfit to a very high-fashion, classic look. On the runway for this spring there were a lot of different crochet skirts and tops.

Another huge trend that you definitely need for this spring is the silky fabric trend. You will be seeing the silk trend on all of the celebrities on both the red carpets and casual outings. A silky dress or shirt is flowy and sensual, and the fabric follows the movement of the body, making a person look very sleek and elegant.

The last major trend for this spring is the bare-shoulder look. This trend is one of my favorite trends of this season! The bare shoulders add a little something different to an outfit. The bare-shoulder tops can be worn for both elegant and super casual events. If any of these trends appeal to you, go ahead and get some new pieces for your wardrobe and rock the latest spring trends.


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