Gettysburg Field Trip

By Lindsay Bauer

On May 10th, all American Cultures I and AP US History Students will be attending a field trip to Gettysburg National Park. The trip is not only a fun opportunity for the students, but also has a strong historical significance. Gettysburg National Park is the battlefield site of the Battle of Gettysburg, a three day battle fought during the Civil War. It’s a national historic site, a cemetery, and a memorial to all those who fought and died on the battlefield. In addition, Gettysburg National Park is the location where Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address.

The trip departs first thing in the morning at 7:35. Upon arriving in Gettysburg the students will take a bus tour with a national park guide through the battlefields and cemetery. The students will also visit the Gettysburg Museum and the diorama exhibit at the park. Everyone will return after school has ended.

AP US History teacher Jennifer Brinson hope that her students will leave the trip with a greater understanding of the battle itself and the significance of the national park and cemetery. “I also hope they understand that history is in their own backyards and they don’t need to travel far to learn more about the history of our country,” said Brinson.

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