Song Review: “Roses Intro”


By Matthew Jordan

Russell Llantino is a 22 year old Canadian rapper from Brampton, Ontario. Using the stage name “Pryde”, Llantino is based out of Toronto, Ontario. His song “Roses Intro” serves as an introduction to his brand new EP named “I Don’t Belong Here,” which released on March 26, 2016. Similar to a number of songs he created, Llantino dedicated this song to his mother, who passed away a year ago due to cancer.

Because he talks about his mother’s passing, there is some obvious emotion throughout the song. Llantino also addresses the accompanying hard times he and his family went through, as well as his struggling rap career. The soft drum kit and  touch of piano chords is a very good beat for this type of song. He states, “I officially spent 10 years chasing my dream, / People think I really made it but it ain’t what it seems / Still the laughing stock of town cause I never blew up / But I can’t stress about it all the hate is left in the dust.”  He then says “I was, in the hospital telling momma to breathe / As she’s struggling for air with a mask looking at me / Couldn’t say a single word, death was coming way sooner / As I look at her the doctor said we’re going to lose her.” These lines convey the difficulties Llantino struggled with as he watched his mother in her hospital bed, as the final moments of her life were slipping away. Llantino continues to pray for some sort of miracle and keeps telling his mother to breathe, even though there is no fighting chance. The following line is, “Since April 9th when Rose Llantino died I ain’t been the same.” The death of the most important figure in Llantino’s life hurt him tremendously, but he feels as though the spirit of his mother still lives on inside him and his family members.

After his mother’s death, Llantino’s priorities changed, his happiness was fading, and his rap career began an extreme decline. Toward the end of the song, he then asks his mom for signs of hope for their family and happiness for his father. Piano chords soon come in, followed by a message Llantino’s mother gave him before she passed away. She tells her son that he is ready to take on the world, a world she prepared him to face. With the qualities he contains, nothing can stop the dreams he has for himself.

When I first listened to this song, I was deeply motivated — motivated by what Llantino went through in such a short amount of time. I can’t even imagine losing the most important figure in my life at his age. Overall, I highly recommend you listen to this song because it is by far one of the most emotionally connected songs I have heard this year. This song definitely deserves 5 out of 5 flames on the Mat Jordan Fire Fuego Chart. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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