Via Basketball Game

 By Holly Bruns and Daniel Bonge

Four elite Salisbury students were chosen to showcase their talents in the Lehigh Valley’s 41st Annual Via All-Star Basketball Classic game. There is a Via All-Star banquet which is where all the student-athletes that were chosen enjoy formal dinner. Players are recognized and awarded Players of the Year, Teams of the Year, scholarships, and even some are inducted in the Lehigh Valley High School Hall of Fame. The game, however, is a separate event that allow these players from different teams to come together and play once more for their high school career.

Lindsay Bauer and Kristen Bucchin were the ladies of Salisbury invited to play and attend the Via All-Star Classic. Dylan Belletiere and Tevon Weber were the boys invited. All four players have been playing since their freshman year and even in their younger days. They all are dedicated athletes who had an outstanding season and final end to their career. The Via All-Star game was played on the morning of March 26th at Northampton Community College.

Bauer and Bucchin were on the South team, which was divided by the region in which their team was located in. The South team consisted of Allen, Dieruff, Southern Lehigh, Liberty, Becca, and Salisbury girls. “It was fun to be able to play with people I have been playing against for four years,” says Bauer, “It was different because when you put all these girls who usually score a lot for their own team and combine them, the scoring in the game is more balanced.” Bauer ended the game with a total of eleven individual points.

Kristen Bucchin, felt that it was really great to be chosen as a VIA Allstar. “Since I have been playing basketball for so long, it’s feels good to have everything I’ve worked for be acknowledged and I’m honored to be apart of it. This was my last basketball banquet I will ever go to so it made me think of all the ones I’ve gone to in the past. It felt good that I was able to end my basketball career with my friend Lindsay who I’ve been playing with since middle school.”

Dylan Belletiere had an unusual turnout on his end. After playing the whole game Belletiere had to leave the court and continue to the emergency room. With a few minutes to spare, Belletiere collided with his opponent which resulted in a bloody eye and five stitches. Our Salisbury players made our community proud by representing the High School’s athletic and academic program. It was a great experience for all the individuals participating and also a great way to end their final high school career in the sport they love.

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