SHS Students Participate in German Day 2016

By Grant Hadian

The Salisbury High School German classes were involved in German Day 2016. German Day is an annual competition held at Penn State Main Campus. High schools from all over the state with German language programs are invited to attend and participate in the German Day competitions. Some of the German Day competitions include a spelling bee, poetry recitation, trivia contest, and a poster/video contest. These competitions are very intense and are taken very seriously. This year there were many high schools involved, including Emmaus and State College.

Along with being in competitions, students participating in German Day are also able to attend classes pertaining to the German language and/or tour the campus. So German Day is not just a competition, it is also a learning experience for the students. Samantha Perkins, a senior at  Salisbury, attended German day and sat in on a class about the Grimm Brothers. Other SHS students sat in on classes about the Berlin Wall and modern-day Germany.

Most of the students who participate in German day enjoy it very much. They enjoy the competitions and like meeting new kids from around the state. There are also prizes to be won which makes the day more competitive.  

Sam Perkins competed in a Level 3 Spelling Bee and won 1st place. She also competed on a team with other Salisbury students in a trivia competition, and they won 2nd place. Overall, Salisbury High school did very well in the German Day competitions. Along with Sam winning 1st in her Spelling Bee and the SHS team getting 2nd place in the trivia competition, junior David Eckhart won 2nd place in a different Level 3 Spelling Bee, and sophomores Simon Katz and Thomas Croft won 2nd in a Level 3 poster contest.

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