Literary Club and Key Club Read To Elementary Students For Cops “n” Kids

By Alex Diamond

Key Club and Literary Club are collaborating with a community group that is dedicated to promoting child literacy and good fellowship between children and cops. Cops “n” was founded in Racine, Washington and have been in the Lehigh Valley since 2003. Every since, they have been creating events to help the community and have a reading room that they open once a week at Northampton Community College. The Lehigh Valley affiliate of the organization is lead by Beverly Bradley, who was a former teacher at Southern Lehigh High School for many years.

The Cops “n” Kids events were held at Harry S. Truman Elementary School on Tuesday, April 5 and will be held at Western Salisbury Elementary School on Friday, April 8. During the event, the students who are participating give information about themselves at an assembly and read to students in their classrooms.

Guidance Counselor & Literary Club co-advisor Shannon Stokes helped with Gifted teacher Kristy Wied, and Learning Support Teacher & Key Club Advisor Kate Hutchinson in organizing the students involved. Mrs. Stokes got involved after Mrs. Wied asked for high school volunteers, which she suggested Literary Club and Key Club for. Mrs. Stokes found the experience to be very fun after going to the event that was held at Harry S. Truman Elementary School. “I think it went well. I enjoyed the interaction between the different community groups and age levels of readers.” She liked how Mrs. Bradley told about how Cops “N” Kids came to be and how the organization helps in the community.

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