NHS Walk for Adam

By Daniel Bonge

The National Honor Society (NHS) is taking over Adam’s Fun Walk, formally known as the Race for Adam. Previous leader of the event, Matt Tobias, is stepping down, and Mr. Koba and his NHS students are stepping up.

NHS students are in charge of contacting businesses, talking to managers, and trying to get sponsors for the walk. “I’m excited about taking this on and happy that it was the National Honor Society students. This is great for us students and will help to show us what the real world may be like one day,” said Salisbury junior Andrew Fletcher.

“This is a really good project for us NHS students to work on together. We have to actually call big companies and talk to them to try and get them to sponsor Adam’s Fun Walk. I haven’t been given the task of talking to big name companies, so I was a little nervous at first,” said junior Mahlon Reihman, another member of NHS.

“The event is going to be a lot of work, but we have plenty of time and as long as everyone does what they need to do, Adam’s Fun Walk is going to be a big hit this year like many years,” said John Yurconic, yet another junior NHS member. Right now the students are tackling a lot of different projects — getting sponsors, gathering supplies, creating t-shirts, setting banners, and spreading the word. When asked how he feels about taking this on, Yurconic wasn’t shy at all. “I think we’re going to do a great job for our first year for Adam’s Fun Walk, and I think we’re going to make it a big hit this year,” he said.

Formerly held at the Lehigh Valley Parkway, Adam’s Fun Walk and has always had tremendous success, and the NHS students continue to carry on the tradition and hold the standards high. Adam’s Fun Walk will now be held on May 28, 2016 at Salisbury High School, located on 500 E Montgomery St, Allentown, PA 18103. There will also be an Ironpigs game held on May 22, 2016 to help raise money for Adam Recke and his cause.

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