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Salisbury Softball improves to 11-4

By CJ Wittman

Since the beginning of the season, the softball team has improved from 1-2, to 11-4. Salisbury only lost two more games since the first two games of the season, putting them in second place in the Colonial League West Division. The Falcons set out to improve since the beginning of the season, and that they did.

Their latest loss of the season, Salisbury struggled to hit against the number one team Catasauqua. Catty was able to score a run in the third and fifth, and add three more in the sixth to seal the game at 5-0.  After losing twice to Catty, Salisbury is seeking revenge in the playoffs.

In their matchup against Dieruff, Salisbury took an early 9-0 lead against the Huskies in the first inning. Not allowing Dieruff to score, Salisbury added two runs in the fourth. After leading 11-0, the game ended after the fifth inning due to the mercy rule.  Sophomore Lilia Crouthamel made an impact with four RBI, along with Anna Bishop who added two RBI.  Senior Rachel Costantini added to the score with two RBI as well.  

In the game against Allen, Salisbury jumped up with a lead 10-0 after the first inning. The falcons then added three runs in both the second and third innings. Allen was able to put one run on the board during the second inning. After the third inning, Salisbury was winning 16-1, which allowed for the game to end due to mercy rule. Emily Batman had five RBI and Lilia Crouthamel had three.

In their latest matchup, the girls beat Northern Lehigh 12-3. Salisbury had a slow start and allowed Northern Lehigh to get up 2-0 in the first inning. The falcons were able to put five runs on the board during the third inning with the help of senior Rachel Costantini, who had a three run home run. In the fifth inning, Salisbury increased their lead, adding four more runs to the score board. The sixth inning, Costantini hit a RBI triple, helping the falcons increase their lead even more. Brooke Rogers and Peyton Stauffer both had two RBI for the team.

With an explosion of improvement, the softball team let people know they’re here to win. As five games are left in the regular season and the Falcons hope to keep winning to get ready for the playoffs.

SHS Debate Team has Final Debate of the Year

By Grant Hadian

This past week, the SHS debate team had their last debate of the year. The final debate was on whether or not community college should be free. Salisbury and Pennridge High School were the two teams that participated in this debate. Salisbury’s team argued that community college should be free and Pennridge’s team argued that it shouldn’t be.

Salisbury’s team for this debate was Carolyn Boulay, Kierra Burda, Ben Wiener, and Catherine Kenyon. This debate will be the last for three out of the four team members, who are seniors; Carolyn, Kierra, and Catherine. Kierra Burda said she really enjoyed participating in the final debate because the debate topic provokes various strong opinions. “I find it interesting to debate about something that is a real debate topic outside of the community.” Kierra said she will miss the debate coach, Mr. Barna, and all of the friends she made throughout the years the most. Even though this is her last year, she said this is the best year yet. “Being a senior, you get to know everyone better and help the younger debate members improve.”

Pennridge won the debate over Salisbury. Leandra Roelker, a junior at SHS, is another member on the debate team. She did not participate in the final debate, but was able to watch it. She said, “Watching the debate was a great experience.” She enjoyed that it was onstage for everyone to see because that is the only time you get to watch the other teams’ debates. Leandra’s favorite memory from debate so far is going out to breakfast before each debate. She plans to participate in debate next year.

For the upcoming freshman thinking about joining debate, Kierra advises you to join. “You won’t regret it. Not only is is a great experience; it also teaches you a lot of skills you can use throughout your life.”

Falcons Track Competes at Allen Invitational

By Lindsay Bauer

Beginning Friday at 1:30 p.m at J. Birney Crum Stadium, members of the Salisbury High School track and field team will be participating in the annual Allentown School District Invitational. Thirty-one teams from Lehigh, Carbon, and Northampton counties are all coming together for this one mega-meet.

To attend the ASD Invitational, each athlete had to meet a qualifying distance, time, or height in their respective events. The Falcons have a variety of athletes taking part in the competition — jumpers, throwers, sprinters, and hurdlers.

Senior Lindsay Bauer is the returning champion in both the long and triple jump events. Junior Caitlin Hoeing also qualified for triple jump, the 2016 season being her first year on the track and field scene. Sophomore standout Jack Reichenbach will be participating in the long jump, triple jump and high jump. Freshman Bobby Kulp, like Hoeing, is new to track and field, yet qualified for the ASD Invite in the long and high jumps. Senior Sydney Utesch will be taking part in the high jump contest.

Salisbury will also be sending a solid group of throwers to J. Birney Crum Stadium on Friday. Senior Kierra Burda and sophomore Emilie Bergstrom (first year) are entered in the discus throw. Senior Sarah Galantini and sophomore Margaux Petruska are taking part in the javelin throw. Senior Tevon Weber will also be competing in the javelin throw.

In addition to a strong showing in the field events, the Falcons will also have some representation on the track as well. Junior Eric Frankenfield will be running the 100 and 200 meter dashes. Freshman Rylee Donaldson, another first time track athlete, will be taking part in the 200 meter and 400 meter dashes. Sophomore Marisa Jones, yet another first-timer, will be sprinting the 100 meter dash. Lastly, junior Kyra Bruns will be participating in the 300 meter hurdle competition.

The Allentown Invitational is an event that the track and field team looks forward to all year. It offers the athletes a great gauge on where they are at, and is great preparation for the championships coming in the next couple weeks. Bruns said, “It’s a big meet with a lot of people… It’s my first time doing this so I’m a little nervous.” Like most competitors, Bruns hopes to come out of this meet with a new personal best. “I’m most excited to run my event, the 300 hurdles, and hopefully the great competition will push me to PR,” said Bruns.


By Kelly Kucsan and Cierra Kettenburg

On April 18th and 22nd, the Salisbury students had a Heroin and Opioid Prevention and Education (HOPE) assembly. HOPE is a program that was developed because of the growing concern around the heroin and opioid epidemic in the Lehigh Valley, as well as throughout the state of Pennsylvania. It was created a year and a half ago by the Center for Humanistic Change and is still going strong today. The Center for Humanistic Change attracts community members to help build skills to address the challenges that people face in life.

Student assemblies were held April 18th and April 22nd.  There were four separate presentations, one for each grade level. Freshman and sophomores had their presentation on April 18th and juniors and seniors had theirs on April 22. During the assembly, they talked about a few people who were affected by the addiction of heroin. Stories from mothers who had children pass away from this terrible addiction were shared. Their main point was to make sure students knew just how dangerous heroin and opium could be. Most heroin addictions start from opium pills, and 80% of addictions start with pain killers. Children are becoming addicted at the age of 11 because they are taking their parents pills. People need to be more aware of how harmful opium and heroin can be, which is why HOPE is trying to spread the word. The freshman and sophomores actually got experience having the mothers of teenage addicts talk to them. Sophomore, Kelly Gardus said, “having the mothers there made it feel more real and I realized it can happen to anyone, they also made it feel like I was in their shoes and I could feel what they were going through.”

Additionally, there will also be a parent/community presentation on May 4 from 6:30-8:00pm in the SHS auditorium. The STSD SAP program will be sponsoring the evening program and will have a table set up in the lobby with the SAP information as well.

Officer Richard Nothstein thought that the HOPE presentation served a great purpose for the staff, students, and everyone in the community here at Salisbury. “After seeing the presentation, for the staff, and hearing about other districts presenting it to their students, I thought it would be a good idea to show to the students here at Salisbury. I hope the presentation will educate the students, and make them aware of the dangers of heroin.” Information about the HOPE program can be found at the following website:

SADD Field Trip

Photo Credit: Agostino D’Ancona  

By Shane Wittman

Members of Salisbury High School’s SADD club (Students Against Destructive Decisions) recently went on a field trip to the Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Mack Boulevard location and attended the Lehigh Valley DUI Highway Safety Task Force’s Youth Conference.

In addition to creating a safe driving public service announcement (PSA) video to enter the contest, our Salisbury students reported on their SADD projects and activities throughout the year and listened to a number of keynote speakers. AAA East Penn generously funded Salisbury’s admission to this conference.

Students who went on the trip include Sophie Niesenbaum, Jonah Niesenbaum, Marisol Rosario, Jess Safi, Leandra Roelker, Agostino D’Ancona, Kevin Esslinger, Amillion Black and Riley Peters. Junior Agostino D’Ancona was very excited to learn about highway safety. D’Ancona feels that drunk driving is extremely unsafe and was eager to hear an expert’s input about smart driving.“Drunk driving is a leading cause for car crashes and it’s very unsafe, thus why we are learning about it,” said D’Ancona.

D’Ancona and the crew also had the opportunity to talk with some inmates from our county jail… these men and women attended local high schools, and were generous enough to share their experiences regarding drugs and alcohol. SADD heard stories from people who already “made the mistake,” of drunk driving, which D’Ancona felt was one of the most eye opening experiences of the day. “It hits so close to home,” he said. The inmates taught Agostino that your friends have a huge influence on you, but most importantly, he learned that drunk driving is dangerous and lives can be lost in a flash.

Upcoming SADD events include the grim reaper event, in which students are pulled from their classes to have their faces painted, symbolizing the loss of a life due to drunk driving. Once painted, the students honor a vow of silence for the rest of the school day. The annual seat belt check is also taking place this month. Officer Nothstein and the Salisbury Police Department will be present in the student parking lot at the end of the day to ensure that our students are wearing their seat belts.


Horoscope Weekly: May 2 – 8


By Samantha Perkins

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – Nobody is competition for you at the beginning of the week. You’ll be at the top of your game and others will look on admiringly. As the week continues, your ambitions will find even more support. Now is a great time to form alliances. You may have trouble getting things done towards the end of the week and into the weekend, but don’t let that get you down. You got a lot done at the beginning of the week, so it’s okay if you want to spend the weekend relaxing or hanging out with friends.  


Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – At the beginning of the week, you’ll be in a really great state of mind. Your patient, open-minded attitude is paying off and the first few days of the week should go exactly as planned. Try to be flexible the rest of the week. Over the weekend, spend some time hanging out and chatting with friends.


Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – At the beginning of the week, you’ll have to work hard to eliminate confusion. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself influenced by very persuasive (and maybe crazy) ideas. Don’t let yourself back down from any good arguments. Over the weekend, your head will be in the clouds, but while you’re up there you may think of some creative ideas. Paint a picture, draw, write some music, do something to get those good, imaginative ideas down.

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