Promposal Tips

By Claudia Crouthamel

It’s promposal season at schools across the United States. This time of year is when boys (or girls) ask their date to prom in a cute or interesting way. The simple days when people just asked their date shyly, “Will you go to prom with me?” are over, and now peoples’ promposals are almost as extravagant as some wedding engagement stories. Throughout the years Salisbury has had many interesting promposals and we are excited to see the different ways people are asking their dates to this year’s prom. Students go to great heights to impress their date and to have the best promposal in the school.

In the many years since promposals became a common thing, there have been arrays of great and not-so-great promposals. When thinking about what your promposal should be, you could always go the traditional “flower and chocolates with a sign” route, but you probably want it to be original and have the theme be something your date is interested in and will like. Mike Schmidt, a senior at Salisbury High School, says “An idea for a promposal would be to keep it simple. Find out what the girl you’re asking to prom likes and try to base it around that. Be creative and original without being extravagant.” Get a bunch of friends to help you get an idea and set the promposal up. Some good ideas for a promposal are the ones that looked like they were thought out and planned. Many boys think they are cliche and corny, but promposals are the things people remember about high school.

There are certain promposals you should avoid as they may not impress the date. These may include asking your date over text, or even asking them in person by just saying “Go to prom with me.” This might not impress your date and may lead to you going to your junior or senior prom alone. Mike Schmidt says, “I think promposals are unnecessary. Thanks to social media, every girl expects a big extravagant promposal… but in reality people go through less work and planning for their wedding proposals.” If you are trying to figure out what to do for you promposal, keep it simple and make it original and your date will be sure to say yes!


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