Marzo de Musica 2016


By Adrian Espinal

Miss Laura DosSantos wanted to try something new this March that could relate to March Madness. Throughout the years of March Madness, students have been going crazy with bracket-making and watching the basketball games. DosSantos got the idea of Marzo de Musica by incorporating and relating something students have become familiar with in her Spanish class to March Madness: Spanish music. DosSantos’s students love when she plays random Spanish music while they are doing independent work.

In the first round of Marzo de Musica, there were 16 songs in the running to win the competition. The song that received the most votes, “Promise” by Romeo Santos, advanced to the second round. This voting process will continue until the last song stands, making it the winner of Marzo de Musica. Anyone in the school is welcome to participate, and a bracket is posted outside of Room 117 to catch up on the current stats. You can also follow the Marzo de Musica updates on Dos’s website at


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