Salisbury Track and Field

By Lindsay Bauer

The Salisbury Track and field team started practicing on Monday, March 7th. Previous head coach Doug Hensinger stepped down after 14 years, and former sprinting coach Victor DeOliveira assumed his role as both head coach and new distance coach. Dan Reichenbach  Sr. has filled the position of jumping coach position, and Terry Bruns has taken on the role of sprinting coach. With several league, district and state medalists returning, the track and field teams hope for yet another successful season.

Four year javelin and discus thrower Sarah Galantini is very excited for the upcoming season. “The new coaches are very nice, and we will adjust together, as a team, to their different styles,” said Galantini. Galantini states that the first couple days of track are very hard because of the extensive focus on core and conditioning, but she is eager to begin actual throwing practice soon. Galantini placed 6th in leagues last year in the javelin and qualified for district championships, but is prepared to work hard and improve upon last years results.  

Zach Stringer, another returning track participant says the first week of track was amazing. “The weather was beautiful and we were able to run on the track,” Zach claimed.  His goals for the new season include making it to leagues and districts, and to try harder this year. He also added that he likes the new running coaches this year.  

The track and field team can only hope that the second week of practice will be as nice as the first. With their first meet right around the corner, the Falcons are gearing up for another memorable season.

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