LCTI Students of the Month

By Shane Wittman

Salisbury High School students have been named LCTI students for the month of February.

Every month, the career and technical education instructors at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute recognize students for outstanding effort, improvement or achievement in their respective programs. Since LCTI has students from various school districts within Lehigh and Carbon county, it is a great accomplishment for these students to be named as students of the month. 

Olgaliz Rivera is majoring in commercial photography/electronic imaging. The major allows students the opportunity to receive training in photography, both in the studio and on location, using digital camera techniques and digital computer technology for processing and printing images. Rivera chose this major because she’s always found it interesting how a small object like a camera can capture a moment and expand it into a beautiful photo. “Photography to me gives me a chance to be an artist.” She also has a natural inclination in photography. “It’s only my second year taking photography and I’m only getting better. It’s nice to know my teacher (Mr. Aretz) sees my improvements.” In the future, Rivera plans on making a career out of photography.  She plans on going to The Arts Institute of Philadelphia and becoming a photojournalist. Rivera’s favorite aspect of photography is being able to make a millisecond of a moment into a special photo to look back at.

Emily Zimmerer is majoring in emerging health professions. The major encompasses a variety of health care careers in a hospital setting. Students can also take Penn State or Lehigh Carbon Community College science courses for college credit. If Emily decides to stick with this career pathway, in the future she could possibly be a doctor, dentist or physical therapist (just naming a few).

Cody Buchman is majoring in SOC material handling. The major allows students the opportunity to work in a distribution center, operate forklifts, and how to process and deliver like UPS or FedEx. If Cody decides to stick with this career pathway, he could possibly be working in a warehouse dealing with the distribution of packages and inventory.

Victoria Creswell is majoring in dental technology. The major gives students the chance to learn all of the skills needed to work in a dental office as a dental assistant and get prepared to successfully apply to a college dental hygiene program or expanded functions dental assistant program. Victoria liked that the major was a great career opportunity. “Everyone will always need someone to help take care of their teeth, so I figured there would always be some sort of job in the dental field.” She also excels at the major because she works extremely hard to get into a good college and receive recommendations from teachers. In the future, Victoria is deciding to stick with the major and is thinking about becoming a dental hygienist or an orthodontist assistant. Lastly, Victoria likes that the dental field pertains to everyone. “Everyone speaks and eat and I find it interesting to learn about the most intricate things about the human mouth. Now I know some basic tooth anatomy and that is very interesting and fun to learn!”


Jasmine Dorsett is majoring in Cosmetology. The major lets people learn everything to earn a license to practice cosmetology in a salon. Jasmine chose this major because she enjoys doing hair and nails a lot. “Making people happy is what I like to do.” She excels at her major. “It’s something I enjoy doing, and it makes easier since I already know about the things I am doing.” In the future, Jasmine is not sure if she wants to make a career out of this, but if so, she wants to do hair and nails. Lastly, Jasmine’s favorite aspect about this major is learning a lot of hair things and learning about different chemicals hands-on is the best.

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