SHS Principal Takes Part in “Shadow a Student Challenge”

By Grant Hadian

“Shadow A Student Challenge” is a national challenge for principals to shadow students throughout the day. This is the first year of the challenge, but there were over 1,300 principals who decided to shadow a student. During the challenge, principals follow a student throughout their typical school day. The principals are supposed to dress casually, and they are supposed to observe the student and their surroundings, and collect artifacts throughout the school day, such as school papers, work the student does, and quotes from the student.

Salisbury High School’s own Mrs. Morningstar and Mr. Muschlitz took part in this challenge. The idea was brought up at an administration meeting and it seemed like a great way to interact with the student body. The action of selecting a student to shadow is completely random and senior Casey Weidenhammer was lucky enough to be chosen for Mrs. Morningstar. Mrs. Morningstar joined Casey during second block in her German IV class. Although Mrs. Morningstar did not speak any German, Casey and her classmates made her feel comfortable and helped her along the way.

Mrs. Morningstar said the shadowing went very well and she enjoyed the classes and the opportunity to spend time with the students. The level of maturity and conversations really surprised the principal. Throughout the day, Mrs. Morningstar learned some new German phrases and the rules of a language.

When Mrs. Morningstar was in high school her classes were only 45 minutes, and in the early 90’s personal computing was limited and laptops didn’t exist yet. Shadowing Casey allowed Mrs. Morningstar to see how different a typical school day is now compared to when she was in school.

Mrs. Morningstar really enjoyed the Shadow a Student Challenge and the administration will hopefully making it a quarterly event.

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