Minimum Wage Increase

By Nick Dryfoos

The federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.25, however, in many states the minimum wage has been raised. Although it won’t be increasing for all workers in PA just quite yet, Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order which requires workers under his jurisdiction to receive at least $10.15 per hour. Wolf hopes to make this price required for all workers, which is why he made an appearance at a Strip District distillery in attempt to pass this increase for everyone in PA. “You’ve got to treat your workers fairly. There is a moral issue there. But there’s also a practical issue. It makes good business sense” stated Wolf.
Pennsylvania is currently in the minority in regards to states that have wages higher than $7.25 an hour. There are currently 28 states that pay wages higher than $7.25. There is a good chance that in the near future we can expect this increase to be in effect. A spokesperson from the house of representatives concluded by saying that minimum wage was meant as a “training” wage, and it was never meant to be a living wage.

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