2016 Primary Elections

By Josh Gray

The 2016 Primary Presidential elections have started. The Primary elections are for voters to choose a candidate to represent their respective Party. There are delegates that represent the citizens of a certain area. Whoever has the most delegate votes will win the election. The elections began in February with the Iowa election and will continue until the South Dakota election in June. Republican candidates have already distinguished themselves with the prior election. Right now, Donald Trump is in the lead but Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are putting up a fight.  Concerning the democratic race, there are only two candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

The Iowa Caucus was held on February 1st , 2016 and was the first Primary election for the Republicans. Ted Cruz had won the election by one delegate with 8 votes . Both, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio followed with 7 votes. Besides the Iowa election, Donald Trump had won every other election in February, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Through March 5th, Trump has won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Kansas, Kentucky and Louisiana (9/15). Ted Cruz won Alaska, Oklahoma, and Texas, Kansas, and Maine (5/15). Marco Rubio won Minnesota (1/15).

For the Democratic race, the election season began in February also in Iowa. Hillary Clinton won with 23 votes as opposed to Bernie Sanders’s 21 votes (55 delegates). Nevada and South Carolina also went to Clinton, but Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire. So far, Hillary won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Louisiana including those won in February. Bernie Sanders won Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Vermont, Kansas, and Nebraska, Maine, also the ones he won in February.

The following states will hold an election in March: Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington . March is one of the most critical months in the Primary elections because it has the most elections.

untitled-infographic (1).jpeg

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