North Korean Ranking Official Executed

By Geoff Fox

North Korea, best known for the Kim regime ruling over the citizens in a corrupt way, has executed General Ri Yong-gil, who, according to CNN, was chief of the North Korean Army’s general staff. A United States defense official says that the execution was simply another aspect of totalitarian leader Kim Jong-un’s consolidation of power.

North Korea has been under control of their totalitarian corrupt leader, Kim Jong-un, since 2011. Jong-un is accused of starving his people, filling their heads with lies about the credibility of his power, and corrupting them to follow and support the Kim regime, worshiping Kim Jong-un as some sort of a God figure. Jong-un came to power in 2011 following his father, Kim Jong-il’s death. Jong-il was the beginning of the Kim regime in North Korea, which has held complete control over North Korean affairs and citizens since he took power in 1994. The Kim regime quickly grew support from the North Korean people, and a cult of personality came to fruition, and soon enough, the Kim regime gained total power and control over the people of North Korea. Since the Kim regime took power, the people of North Korea have been brainwashed into believing that their beloved leader is a saint of sorts who works nonstop to better the country, when that is simply not true. The people of North Korea are starving due to widespread famine. According to the Institute of International Economics, the total death toll in North Korea due to starvation is believed to be somewhere between 240,000 and 3,500,000. From the outside, it’s obvious that the Kim regime is completely corrupt, and fails to properly treat their citizens, however from the inside, as a North Korean citizen, you are raised to worship the Kim’s, and truly believe that they are doing great things for the country and the people.

According to a South Korean government official, this senior military leader was executed for accusations of factionalism, misuse of authority, and corruption. Ri, however was not alone, he was simply the latest execution in a string of many high profile North Korean government officials who were executed on similar accusations. It’s possible that these executions are, in fact, unjust, and only another aspect of the Kim regime holding complete power over the people of North Korea.

How does this relate to us here in the United States? Due to the widespread threats the U.S. have received recently from Jong-un, anything putting himself in a place of more power increases the United States’ concern with the topic. Jong-un’s threats of nuclear warfare have made him a sure enemy of the United States, and it is crucial to ensure that he doesn’t gather too much power, for the sake of the safety of the U.S.

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