Spangler’s A Student Driven Teacher

By Alex Diamond

Fiana Spangler, the long term substitute social studies teacher who is serving in between Ms. Mary Agnew and Mr. Andrew Cerco, has always liked the social sciences. “I think it’s important to understand our past as well as our future.” In fact, her undergraduate degree in college was anthropology, the study of humanity.

She has been substituting in area schools as an English and Social Studies teacher, ever since she got her Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Kutztown University. This is her second long term substitute job this school year. “I was a long term substitute for nine weeks at Dieruff High School for an English teacher.”

Spangler teaches classes that cover a variety of different topics. “I teach American Cultures I, American Cultures II, World Cultures II, and Psychology.” Her favorite class that she teaches is either World Cultures II or Psychology. “It’s hard to pick.” She is a very student driven teacher. “I think students learn best when they are actively involved in the lesson and having fun.” She likes the lessons she teaches to be interesting and creative.

Spangler is working with Cerco, who is currently her co-teacher in her co-taught classes, to transition him into his eventual role as the main teacher. “I’m working with him very closely in setting up classroom policies so the transition will be smoother from me to him.” She eventually plans to get a full-time job, which a special focus towards Salisbury High School. “One day, I might also go back to school and get my Doctorate.”

Spangler’s advice for students is to get involved. “Find something you’re passionate about with it.”


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