“Real Friends” Song Review

By Matthew Jordan

“Real friends, how many of us?” are the opening lyrics to Kanye West’s new song “Real Friends.”  The release of this single is a part of something called G.O.O.D Fridays. West plans to release a single every Friday until his long-anticipated album, Swish, is released on February 12, 2016. The release of the song “Facts” on New Year’s Eve was mainly intended to get the listeners’ expectations to be very high for his new album, but with the release of “Real Friends,” he has officially set the standards high.

The way Kanye created the track and the way he rapped it is a certain style I have not seen Kanye do in a very long time. It is not a type of song where it will get you hyped up; instead it takes on more of a personal aspect of things that is going on in his life right now. Although the song may be called “Real Friends,” it is the exact opposite. The song’s intro beat provided a smooth, peaceful tone with a touch of sadness or regret to it. He then says “How many of us, how many jealous? Real friends it’s not many of us, we smile at each other, but how many honest? Trust issues,” sharing that he is having personal relationship issues with the people around him, his family and friends. Later in the track he explains a situation where his own cousin stole his laptop and he had to pay him $250,000 just to get it back. It shows the betrayal he faced from his own family. However, he is also blaming himself for these actions.

Since he is described as one of the most impactful artists of our generation, he explains from reaching this level of success, he has not been the same around his family and friends. His family is given a backseat, and his job becomes his priority. In the song he states, “I’m a deadbeat cousin, I hate family reunions. F*** the church up, I’m drinkin’ at the communion,” explaining how he is wasting his time at these events and could be doing something much more productive than spending time with family. He also states, “When was the last time I remembered a birthday? When was the last time I wasn’t in a hurry?”

From listening to this song, it makes me feel sorrowful on the inside. Although it is not a problem I am currently facing, the story behind the song is very down to earth. If this was a song that was created to raise the level of expectation of his upcoming album “Swish,” it has definitely raised my expectations. Three words to describe this song is powerful, sorrowful, and grievous. I highly encourage you to listen to this song because to me, this is one of the best songs Kanye has released in recent years. On the Mat Jordan Fire fuego Scale: 5 out of 5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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