Mr. Cerco Hired for Mrs. Agnew’s Position

By Agostino D’ancona

In the past few years Salisbury has many staff changes, like the retirement of Mrs. Balsai, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Vecellio, and Ms. Piagesi, the maternity leave of Mrs. Wascura, and the hiring of Mr. and Mrs. Pacitti. This year Mrs. Agnew, who taught social studies and psychology, has found a new job closer to where she lives and has been replaced by a teacher within our own Salisbury High School. Mr. Cerco, the varsity football head coach and special education/emotional support teacher, has been hired in place of Mrs. Agnew.

Mr. Cerco has a strong background in social studies, with a degree in Social Sciences from Moravian College, and has been co-teaching social studies here at Salisbury for 10 years.  He was always really interested in the time period between World War II and the present day, which led him to get a degree in Social Sciences. He’s very excited to teach social studies because he knows the students can make the same connections to these time periods as he does.  

Mr. Cerco chose to apply for Mrs. Agnew’s position because he want a new challenge in his teaching career. Special education has provided him with a great opportunity to help many students, but he believes he will be able to help even more students at a level he can challenge himself.  

Not only does Mr. Cerco have the background to do this job, but he also has the experience. He’s been co-teaching with Mrs. Agnew and Mrs. Kennedy for the past few years, so he understands what is expected by the students, the curriculum, and himself in the classroom.  His co-teaching experience has taught him many different teaching strategies and approaches to teaching certain topics in social studies. Overall Mr. Cerco, the student body, and his fellow co-workers are excited and cannot wait for him to start teaching social studies at Salisbury High School.            

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