Swim Team Struggles with Pool Conditions

By Rachel Costantini

The Salisbury Swim Team practices, and has been practicing for years, at Kidspeace Broadway. Although this is usually a reliable location for practices and meets, they have faced many challenges with the pool conditions over the past four years. Many times the chemicals in the pool were too strong for the swimmers to practice safely, or leaks caused the swim team to have to practice at other pools for a few days. This year, however, the swim team is having the most trouble with the pool, so much trouble that they have not been able to practice at Kidspeace Broadway for over a week.

The first practice of the new year, January 2nd, started the problems for the team. The water level was extremely low, to the point that the swimmers could not do flip turns at the shallow end. It was also way too cold. However, no one checked the temperature because the water level was so low, the thermometer did not reach it. The team had a full practice that day, but the conditions were much worse later on. The team only had a 20 minute practice the next day due to the 68˚ pool. The ideal temperature of a pool meant for lap swimming is between 78˚F and 82˚F. As a result, the swim team could no longer practice at Kidspeace until the conditions improved.

The team started having sporadic practices at different pools, such as Kidspeace Orefield, Parkland, and Saucon Valley. Most of the practices no longer took place right after school, but whenever the team could be squeezed into the schedules of the other pools. Up to this point, the team was supposed to get back in their own pool at Kidspeace Broadway on January 13th, but the night before, the pump and heat shut off, so the pool, again, was too low and cold for the team to practice in. The next home meet, which is supposed to be January 15, looks like it will be moved to Tamaqua as an away meet. Hopefully, the pool conditions get straightened out and the swim team can get back to practicing in their own pool in the next week.

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