Obama’s Last State of the Union

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.37.48 AM.png

By Josh Gray

President Obama has been preparing his last State of the Union Address as President of the United States, set to take place next week. Many think this year’s address will be more abstract than last year’s, and discuss the ideas that gave hope to voters who placed their faith in him in 2008. In his 2015 State of the Union Address, he discussed the progressive improvement of the job market and the economy. President Obama was also very pleased to announce that the men and women serving had started to come back from Afghanistan. He explained how education had taken a leap in the right direction, as students had the best scores in math and reading on record.  A key part of the address was about a couple named Rebekah and Ben Erler. He explained their story as a prime example of the American Dream. The couple had run on hard times, but Rebekah attended college while still working her waitress job, and obtained a position that would eventually place them in a better life. Once again, they were living the American Dream. The President commemorated them for not giving up. He said that during his time in the office, the country had stayed together through both good times as well as bad times, and had come out all the better.


1/13/16 – The 2016 State of the Union, President Obama’s last Address, was both reflective and hopeful for the future. He noted the many different accomplishments of the past year as well as his goals to accomplish in the future, even beyond his presidency. He explained how unemployment had been cut in half, from 10% in 2009 to 5 % today. He proudly proclaimed that the Supreme Court voted to legalize same-sex marriage. He discussed how 14.1 million jobs had been created since 2009, and the high school graduation rate had risen to 82 %. The American auto industry had its best year ever. President Obama said, “The U.S. right now has the strongest and most durable economy in the world.” The President thought about the future, how he wants to provide help for those affected by drug abuse in America, protect children from gun violence, and cure cancer. He announced, to much applause, that he had put Vice President Joe Biden in charge of the effort to cure the devastating disease. He concluded with the statement that “Priority number one is to protect the American people by going after terrorist networks.” He finished with promises to deliver on the hopes of US citizens, through the only way possible: working together.

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