Holiday Basketball Tournament

By Holly Bruns

Over winter break, Salisbury hosted a holiday basketball tournament. Both the boys and girls team played. These games did not count towards their league record, but it did contribute to their overall record. For the girls, the visiting teams were Oley Valley, Hatboro-Horsham, and Freedom. The first game the girls lost 39-33 against Oley Valley. The following day was their second game which they lost again 43-37 against Hatboro-Horsham. After the tournament, the girls record stood with five losses and only two wins. Hopefully, the tournament was a wakeup call for the girls in what they need to work on if they want to succeed their expectations for the season. Standout player, Lindsay Bauer, was not able to win the MVP award because Salisbury was not in the final game. She did, however, win the All-Tournament-Team award. Bauer also was the leading scorer for the girls throughout the tournament.

On the other hand, the boys are having a phenomenal season thus far. The boys went into the tournament undefeated and also came out undefeated. The participating teams in the tournament were Northhampton, Quakertown, and Lincoln Leadership. The game against Northampton ended 49-35, which was the first win for the boys. The next game the following day led the boys to another win, 63-53, against Quakertown. The boys are having a great run this season being undefeated. Dylan Belletiere won the All-Tournament-Team award and Tevon Weber won MVP of the tournament. They are proving to everyone in their division that they deserve to be there and are there to win.

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