“Point Break” Full of Stunts but Lacking Meaning

By Matthew Jordan

If you are an individual who enjoys action-packed scenes with daredevil stunts, then this is the movie for you. “Point Break” is an action packed movie that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. This movie is a remake of the original “Point Break” created in 1991 with Keanu Reeves.

Johnny Utah, an extreme sport enthusiast, suffers a devastating tragedy in the beginning of the movie which forces him to quit the sport and join forces with the FBI. He attends a briefing about a group of men who have committed heists over Mumbai and Mexico. However, these are not just your normal group of criminals. This crew is into extreme sports and instead of keeping the money, they give it away to the poor of Africa and Mexico. Utah notices a connection and then does further research. He figures out that this group of individuals is trying to complete the Ozaki 8, a list of eight extreme ordeals to honor the forces of nature trying to reach the pathway of enlightenment. The group of men have already finished three of the ordeals and Utah suspects that they will be in France trying to clear a rare sea wave for the fourth ordeal.

After presenting his theory, he is then sent as an undercover agent to France under the supervision of a FBI field agent named “Pappas.” Pappas and Utah then go undercover posing as two random strangers who love to surf the waves which show up very rarely. Once Utah is about to surf the last and final wave that has the height to complete the fourth ordeal, a man named “Bodhi” takes his wave which Utah does not like. Utah then continues to surf the wave along side Bodhi in which Utah then falls off and passes out underwater. Instead of Bodhi completing the ordeal, he decides to save Utah instead. Luckily, he finds out the man who saves his life is actually a criminal who has been committing the crimes. He then reports back to Pappas and his superior in the United States that he has found the man, but he wants to spend a few more days undercover to be sure. They both grant his request.

In order for Utah to gain the criminal’s trust and to remain undercover, he must complete one of the ordeals with the group of criminals. This ordeal includes base jumping, flying through canyons in wingsuits, and snowboarding down the face of a mountain. He then gains the group’s trust in which they start discussing with him a heist they will complete in a few days that includes blowing up a gold mine. Utah then continues with the heist, even though he is trying to talk Bodhi and the crew out of it. Since they did not care what he was saying, they went ahead with the plan. This was when Utah revealed to them he is an FBI agent. Utah then tries to save the men who are transporting gold but it was no use.

The men were killed and Utah sees Bodhi on the run on a motorbike. Utah then pursues him and catches him, however, Utah does not have the guts to shoot him. He reports back to base and tells both Pappas and his superior in the USA that Bodhi got away before he could get to him. They then go back to the drawing board because they do not know where Bodhi will end up next. There are three ordeals left for him to complete but they do not know which one he will hit next. Utah however, finds out where he is going next. He is going to Venezuela which is out of the USA’s reach and his birth country.  Utah pursues him before he can escapes the Federal Government and disappears forever. Utah and Pappas reaches the seventh ordeal and sees Bodhi and his friend climbing the waterfall so Utah decides to follow him. They both reach the top, but Bodhi’s friend fell to his death. Utah tries to arrest Bodhi, however he jumps and, without Utah knowing, Bodhi has figured out the eighth ordeal. Utah and Pappas then lose Bodhi, but later found out he is actually alive. 17 months after the Venezuelan incident, they have a hit that the waves from the southern tip of France are 100 feet high, and Utah knows Bodhi is there. Utah, alongside a helicopter pilot, fly to the point of the waves in which they see Bodhi on a small fishing boat. A cheesy ending happens after they find him and you have to watch the movie to see what happens after.

While I was watching this movie, I had plenty of questions, mostly questions on what the point of the movie was. The ideas were all over the place and some the events just didn’t make sense. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was great with all the stunts and action, but the storyline was all over the place. Ideas repeated over and over again throughout the movie were that each person had a specific destiny and everyone’s death had a purpose. Through almost all of their ordeals, at least one person died and the group of criminals kept on repeating it was his time. I kept wondering what it meant, but eventually I realized what it was all about. These criminals think if they die doing these ordeals, they will reach enlightenment. However to the common person, they will think these stupid events these men and women are doing will get them killed for no purpose.

Overall this movie was not that bad. If you like stunt movies then I recommend you watch the film. Rating on the Mat Jordan Fire Fuego Scale: 2 out of 5 Flames  🔥🔥

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