In the Spotlight: Abby Garrigan


Photo Courtesy of Abby Garrigan

By Kelly Kucsan

Abby Garrigan is a senior here at Salisbury High School and has been dancing for 15 years. She first discovered her love for dance when she was watching musical movies and listening to broadway music. Abby loved the musical Annie so much that when she was younger she used to sing “It’s a Hard Knock Life” while cleaning the floors. Her favorite thing about theatre is that it’s the only place where she can just let go and it is the most comfortable place for her to be. Dancing is a way for Abby to express her emotions or how she feels. She also loves how she can tell a story just by dancing.  

Abby has always had a passion for singing and dancing but it wasn’t until middle school and high school where she began acting too. In total, Abby has been in 11 productions; eight school productions and three out-of-school productions. The three out-of-school productions she was in include: 42nd Street (Anytime Annie) at Phillipsburg Area Summer Youth Theatre, Gypsy (Agnes/Dance Captain), and Babes in Toyland (Ballerina/Little Miss Muffet) both at Star of the Day Productions. “I love performing because I love putting smiles on people’s faces and if I can inspire one person that is all that matters.”

During her Junior year here at Salisbury, Abby was nominated for a Freddy award. Abby stated that being nominated was, “one of the most surprising and thrilling moments ever.” It meant so much to her because it meant that there were people who noticed and saw all the hard work and dedication that she puts into theatre. Abby stated that the stage is like her home. Sutton Foster, a broadway performer, is someone who inspires Abby to the the best that she can be.

In the future, Abby hopes to achieve her dreams and become a professional singer or actress. In college she plans to continue musical theatre and then after that she intends on auditioning for shows in New York. “I will just have to wait to see where the future takes me and what opportunities come my way.” The key to becoming a professional singer/actress is to get noticed, hopefully Abby will have just the right person notice her.

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