By Nick Dryfoos

32 students at Salisbury High School signed up for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) this year. FBLA is an organization established to help prepare students for college by developing both leadership skills as well as business knowledge. 29 of the 32 students competed in the regional competition, and over half of those students qualified for states. The 12 students who received 1st place include Brooke Rogers, Thomas El Erian, Ben Weiner, Mahlon Reihman, Ethan Heydt, James Hadinger, Ryan Kennington, Keirra Burda, Ryan Fainor, Tyler Keller, Vivian Rogers, and Caitlin Hoeing. The five students who received 2nd place include Christian Major, Eric Frankenfield, Nicholas Sikora, Ian Carson, and Adam Miller.

In order for a student to qualify for states, they must either place 1st or 2nd in regionals. All 17 students who qualified will be taken to Hershey in April. If the students fail to make it past states, they will go home and be done for the year. If they win the state competition, they will go to Atlanta Georgia for the national competition.
Mr. Laub is in charge of the students who joined FBLA this year. “I am very excited about the amount of students that qualified for states this year. This is the largest amount I’ve ever taken” he states. “I wish that all 29 of the students would have qualified for states, that would have been awesome.” Mr. Laub concluded that 59% of Salisbury’s students that took the FBLA tests qualified for states, which is a very good percentage. He’s happy and proud of all of the kids.

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